Six Reasons Ikeja Electric Plan To Prevent Customers From Accessing Prepaid Meter

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Households and businesses under the Ikeja Electric Distribution Company will be unable to access the meter for two days according to the company in a statement to customers, seen by Prime Business Africa.

Ikeja Electric said access to the prepaid meter features will be unable between between July 15th and 17th, 2022, for purchase of electricity, balance check, vending information and energy reading.

The DisCo explained that it intends to halt access to enable the company carry out an upgrade on the prepaid meter, which will enable simple user interface, provide robust payment channel for ease of energy vending, as well as settlement of bills.

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“Ikeja Electric wishes to notify its esteemed customers that in a bid to improve our customers experience on our billing and other integrated platforms, we will be carrying out a 48-hour.

“Customer information system (CIS) 2.0 system upgrade on our billing and vending infrastructure between July 15th and 17th, 2022.

“Customers’ ability to perform the following underlisted functions on our platforms may be impeded during this period of upgrade. However, our Engineers will endeavour to complete the upgrade within the scheduled time, as well as minimize the impact on customer experience.” The statement reads.

Breakdown of Ikeja Electric upgrade impact

During the upgrade, the following functions will be impacted

  • Collection of meter data will be unavailable (meter reading, energy consumption, etc.)
  • All payment channels will be unavailable Access to customer account information (balance, address, vending information etc.) will be unavailable
  • All data requirements for IE Mobile App functionality will be unavailable till the cutover is completed
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Benefits of the upgrade

  • The upgrade will enhance easy customer access to account statements
  • Tmprove customer experience with simple user interface
  • Provide robust payment channel for ease of energy vending and settlement of bills amongst others.

Ikeja Electric further stated that, “Customers are therefore advised to take advantage of the days available before the upgrade to vend energy, to avoid the effect of the upgrade.”

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