Shehu Sani Criticizes PDP's Mixed Stand On Government, Election Dispute
Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani Commends New Ministerial Portfolios For Balance, Fairness

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Former Nigerian Senator, Shehu Sani has applauded the allocation of portfolios to new ministers in the current administration, saying it is a significant improvement in terms of balance and fairness when compared to the preceding Buhari regime.

Sani stated this while reacting to news of the new ministerial portfolios assigned by President Bola Tinubu which was released on Wednesday. This was announced to journalists by the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale.

Sani’s remarks came amid a wave of reactions from the public and political commentators regarding the newly appointed ministers and the distribution of their respective responsibilities.


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Addressing these concerns in a recent tweet, the former senator emphasized that the current list of ministers was a considerable step forward in achieving an equitable and impartial representation across the nation.

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While a segment of observers had voiced opinions that the ministerial portfolio distribution leaned in favor of the South West region, Shehu Sani countered this assertion.

He stated: “I have read where some people think that the list favored the South West. I don’t think so.” He further stressed that the focus should be on the alignment of skills and expertise with the roles assigned, rather than being embroiled in claims of regional favoritism.

Shehu Sani went on to compare the current ministerial appointments to those made during the Buhari administration, emphasizing that the new list demonstrated a marked improvement in terms of equilibrium and fairness.

He highlighted that the key issue revolved around finding the right match between the qualifications of the ministers and the responsibilities they were entrusted with.

“The issue is more about the peg & the hole and not crude nepotism,” the ex-lawmaker asserted.

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These remarks from the former senator resonate with ongoing discussions surrounding the new administration’s commitment to creating a more balanced and inclusive representation of the diverse regions and demographics of Nigeria.

Sani’s perspective adds weight to the notion that the present government is striving to rectify any past imbalances and prioritize expertise and competence in ministerial appointments.

As the nation continues to assess and engage with the new political landscape, the comments from Shehu Sani provide valuable insights into the evolving narrative around the distribution of ministerial portfolios and the broader principles of fairness and equal opportunity in governance.

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