Seplat CEO Seeks Affordable Energy For Africa’s Development

9 months ago
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Roger Brown, the Chief Executive Officer of Seplat Energy Plc, has called for affordable and reliable energy in shaping Africa’s future.

Addressing attendees at the Africa Oil Week (AOW) in Cape Town, South Africa, Brown asserted, “Affordable and reliable energy allows businesses to create jobs in Africa, giving the fast-growing population a future in their country of birth, thereby avoiding mass migration.”

He went on to express concern about the energy situation in Africa, stating that up to 600 million Africans lack adequate access to energy due to inadequate infrastructure and insufficient investments.

Brown emphasized the need for change, particularly regarding the approximately 900 million Africans who rely on biomass for cooking, a practice that results in numerous problems, including health issues and even loss of life.

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Brown also raised the issue of energy sources in Africa, noting that many rely on small-scale generators running on imported diesel or petrol. He stressed that increasing access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy is a pressing priority, as only three percent of global energy investments are directed towards the continent.

Highlighting the imperative for Africa to harness its natural resources for development, Brown stated that reliance on debt or outsourcing is not a sustainable solution. He called on countries like Nigeria to shift away from diesel and petrol generators, which not only affect health but also hinder progress in various sectors due to high electricity costs.

In an appeal, Brown made it clear that Africa’s development is a right that should be achieved through sustainable energy solutions and domestic efforts, and not solely by relying on debt or external assistance.


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