See Canadian Universities Offering Admission Without IELTS Test

See Canadian Universities Offering Admission Without IELTS Test

2 years ago
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International students from countries considered as non-native speakers of English can now study in some Canadian universities without passing International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test.

This is a pleasant surprise for those who are learning about this for the first time. In reality, even the Canadian Embassy is now allowing overseas students to study in Canada without having to take IELTS.

There are a few optional roads that an international student can follow so as to study in Canadian universities without taking or passing the IELTS test. Before jumping into some specific information regarding which universities in Canada make IELTS discretionary, you still need to check the international student entry requirements ( of the university you want to attend.

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While some elite institutions favour IELTS, others will accept alternative types of English language evaluation, like the new Duolingo English Test. As a matter of fact, in case you have studied in an English-medium school for a four-year period or more, higher education institutions in Canada will accept you without the proof of IELTS. We have compiled a list of Canadian universities that accept international students without IELTS.

1. University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg does not require IELTS certification credentials. Proof of English proficiency, on the other hand, is a required criterion. In order to study in this university you need to simply submit the English language proficiency certificate (including even Duolingo). University of Winnipeg has its own proprietary ELP or English Language Program that you may attend before applying to or beginning your degree. In the website of the University of Winnipeg you will find the official manual which gives full details of the language program exemptions and requirements ( A great source to help you learn ways of escaping IELTS.

2. Brock University

The International English Language Testing System or as it is known with the acronym IELTS, is acceptable in the Brock University, but not mandatory. Brock University will undoubtedly approve the TOEFL, the preferred scores include 88 iBT points, with a minimum of 21 on Speaking and on Writing 580 PBT 237 CBT (TSE 4.5) (TWE 4.5).

Furthermore, students are able to prepare themselves linguistically by taking the Brock Intensive English Language Program which is intended to assist overseas students in improving their English language proficiency. You are qualified to apply for admission to any of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs they offer if you have completed an International Baccalaureate Diploma or its equivalent using English as the medium of instruction.

3. Cambrian College

By not making the IELTS compulsory, Cambrian College will evaluate students’ English abilities, and those who do not satisfy the English language requirement will be required to attend extra English courses before beginning their normal program of study.

4. Carleton University

In order to study in Carleton University without IELTS, official transcripts for the past three years of high school, college, or university study in English will be required. There are some papers which are essential in demonstrating your proficiency in English language. These include: Canadian Academic English Language Test, in total 70 points
TOEFL iBT, 86 average score Pearson Test of English, 60 points overall


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