Security Reformation Crucial for Nigeria's Economic Growth- Former SSS Director

Security Reformation Crucial for Nigeria’s Economic Growth- Former SSS Director

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Former Director of the State Security Service, Mike Ejiofor, underscored the critical link between resolving Nigeria’s security challenges and fostering economic development.

Ejiofor in an interview on Tuesday on ARISENEWS, aligned with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s directive, emphasizing the imperative need to enforce the withdrawal of police details from VIP individuals.

“Appealing for patience is expected,” Ejiofor stated, acknowledging National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu’s call for patience from Nigerians. Yet, he cautioned against indefinite patience due to the multifaceted challenges hampering progress.

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“Development amid chaos is near impossible,” he emphasized, highlighting the pressing economic hardships contributing to increased criminal activities.

Regarding the withdrawal of police details from VIPs, Ejiofor highlighted the recurrent pattern of directives without enforcement. He stressed the necessity of adhering to this presidential directive to address the ratio of police officers allocated to VIPs versus the general populace, impacting law enforcement effectiveness.

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Ejiofor also commended ongoing efforts to bolster police recruitment but raised concerns about budgetary constraints and sustainable payment plans for the increased workforce. He emphasized the necessity of collaboration between the police service commission and the management of the police force to tackle security challenges effectively.

Assessing Nigeria’s security landscape, Ejiofor acknowledged incremental progress but advocated for transparent communication about achievements, cautioning against superficial claims without evidence.

“Increasing security personnel alone won’t suffice,” he concluded. “Consolidating gains and transparently communicating progress are imperative for lasting solutions.”

This call for action from a seasoned security expert highlights the intertwined nature of security and economic progress, urging a comprehensive and coordinated approach by the Nigerian government.

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