Return To The Drawing Board By Stephanie Adamu

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In the history of opposition, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been a staunch failure in the last eight years, and from their antecedents, the next eight years would put them in the same position of opposition if not worse with the existence of the Labour Party (LP).

The saddest thing about Nigerian politicians is the fact that 90% of them are all cut out from the same fabric, while some are worn out and totally corrupt inside, a few are still tolerable and can still be managed but only a little higher than 2% is cut out from a clean new fabric. They all respirate the same dirty air.

In the eight years of the regressive administration led by former President Muhammadu Buhari, the PDP failed to put their house together, take a stand with the people, and put the All Progressive Congress (APC) under the same kind of pressure that was accorded to former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Is the PDP filled with people who aren’t willing to work together, betrayers, or as a party they are just lazy? How did they allow the party to get divided into three factions?

Muhammadu Buhari ran two times against former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2003 and 2007 under the umbrella of All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) and he was defeated. He returned in 2011 under the new party he formed with his associates the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), he ran against Nuhu Ribadu of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and Goodluck Jonathan of PDP and both lost to the PDP.

In 2013, ACN, CPC, ANPP, and other smaller political parties came together as a force to form APC, and by 2015, they snatched power from the PDP. It took the opposition 16 years of strategy and unity to take power from the PDP yet the PDP allowed its party to be disbanded, scattered, and disunited and they hoped to win the election in 2023? What a ridiculous joke!

If the APC is ever going to leave that seat, then it’s time for the opposition parties to wake up, put ego and grievances aside, and then come together to mount a stronger force to unseat the APC. The more time they delay, the faster the APC spreads its wings to garner more supporters. There is no way a disunited opposition can fight a common cause, we’ve seen the trend and it would take a miracle to change that trend. The clock is ticking….. tick-tock.

PDP and LP, it is time to return to the drawing board!

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