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Residents In Taraba, Adamawa, Lagos Pay Highest Price For Gas

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The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has revealed that residents in Taraba, Adamawa, and Lagos State paid more for gas in August, compared to Katsina, Ogun and Yobe where the price of the commodity was low. 

In a monitoring report, Cooking Gas Price Watch, released on Tuesday in Abuja, average price of 5kg cooking gas rose to N4,456.56 last month, from N4,397.68 in July 2022. 

However, on a “year-on-year basis, the August 2022 price was a 101.17 per cent increase over the price of N2,215.33 paid for the same volume of gas in August 2021.” National Bureau of Statistics revealed. 

The gas price watch reported by News Agency of Nigeria, further disclosed that August price for 5kg was highest in the following states; Taraba at the cost of N4,925.44, Adamawa N4,920, and Lagos State N4,782.50. 

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But the price was lowest in Katsina State where it was sold for N4,020, Ogun N4,057.14 and Yobe N4,078.46. 

In terms of regional cost, the NBS stated that the highest average retail price for 5kg cooking gas is N4,615.95 in North-Central, with North-East following closely at N4,548.03, while the lowest was N4,285.51 in North-West. 

Meanwhile the average price for 12.5kg cooking gas rose from N9,824.07 in July, to 9,899.34 in August 2022, but “On a year-on-year basis, the price rose by 119.26 per cent from N4,514.82 in August 2021.” NBS explained. 

The National Bureau of Statistics further revealed that the price of 12.5kg was highest in Ebonyi, where it cost N11,225, next was Cross River N10,982.14 and Delta N10,965.42. 

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Gas price was lowest in Katsina State, as it was sold for N8,150, Yobe residents paid average of N8,212.63, and Taraba paid N8,886.30.

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