Proximity And Anointing? Let Jimmy 'Breathe'
Jimmy Odukoya

Proximity And Anointing? Let Jimmy ‘Breathe’

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By Uri Ngozichukwuka


Jimmy Odukoya, succeeds his father Taiwo Odukoya as Fountain of Life Bible Church General Overseer.

I must confess I didn’t know Jimmy Odukoya the talented actor was an offspring of the late respectable firebrand Bimbo Odukoya and the late amiable gentleman pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

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I have always admired Jimmy. I am also just learning he’d been a pastor for awhile. Wow! Now here is my take…

It all boils down to business but whose business? God’s or man’s? Idahosa did it so have some others. Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland, and so many others. I hear Adeboye’s Redeemed Church properties are in Adeboye’s family name. So much so all the properties that house the Redeemed Church worldwide are in his name. His sons are pastors. Same with Oyedepo. I hear Pastor Paul Adefarasin fall out with his Abuja-based second in command, Pastor Ekwueme, was over succession and ownership where the former insisted his own son will come after him.

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The traditional churches are far from such shenanigans of the new generation Pentecostal movement. Be it Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist Presbyterian or the likes, none of these is entangled in the offspring mandatory hereditary setup, although their own infighting and politics makes Armageddon seem like child’s play.

My question is, does proximity to the anointing translate to automatic maturity in the ministry? Or the call? Is the call or anointing hereditary?

I bet these questions will not go down well with some.

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Furthermore, if a man has dedicated his life to the service and passes on there should be provision for the continued care of members of his family. Save for the traditional orthodox churches, I don’t see these pentecostal churches having a retirement structure in place. On the other hand, I guess the naming of the sons or daughters as successors is to quel the bickering and infighting that may occur at the demise of a General Overseer.

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Albeit, let’s keep praying and watching as our saviour is at hand. Shalom.

Meanwhile the movie industry will miss the very talented Jimmy Odukoya or should I say Pastor Jimmy Odukoya.



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