Presidential Aircraft Up For Sale As Reps Vow To Recover Nigerian Assets Fraudulently Acquired

Presidential Aircraft Up For Sale As Reps Vow To Recover Nigerian Assets Fraudulently Acquired

7 months ago
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The Nigerian Air Force  (NAF) has asked interested persons to submit their bids for the purchase of the presidential aircraft, Falcon 900B, which is currently up for sale.

This was even as the House of Representatives Committee on Public Assets vowed to recover assets belonging to the nation acquired through fraudulent means.

NAF in a tweet on its X (formerly Twitter) page on Monday advertised the sale of the aircraft, stating that the Falcon 900B was put up for sale following the approval by the Federal Government.


— Nigerian Air Force (@NigAirForce)

“The Federal Government of Nigeria has approved the sale of Falcon 900B aircraft owned by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF),” NAF said in a flyer calling for the bid.

“In compliance with provisions of the Public Procurement Act 2007, the NAF hereby invites all interested parties to submit bids for the purchase of the aircraft. The bids can be submitted by email or physically.

“If submitted by email, the bids are to be password protected and sent to while the password is to be sent separately to d proc2@

“For physical submission, the quotations are to be enclosed in an envelope and sealed while the envelope is to bear the name and address of the interested company/entity as well as the description and reference to the request. It should also bear the statement, ‘DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 24 DECEMBER 2023’.

“Please note that the bids will be processed immediately after the expiration of the deadline for submission.”

Reps Vow Recovery Of National Assets Acquired Through Fraud

Fielding questions on the sidelines of a one-day retreat organised in Abuja on the theme, ‘Guardian of Public Trust: Transforming Public Assets Oversight and Legislation’, Reps committee’s Chairman, Ademorin Kuye said he and his colleagues are ready to step on toes.

His words, “We are ready to go all the way in ensuring that all Federal Government assets are recovered from looters, from people who have misappropriated them both in the private and public sectors. We are ready!

“We have the support of Mr President and the leadership of the National Assembly to do our work without fear or favour. I want to assure Nigerians that every asset belonging to them will be recovered. Even the concessioned assets, those who are in charge must work according to the concession agreement.”

On the task before him and his colleagues, Kuye said, “The committee is set to ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the management and disposal of public assets going forward. When we talk of public assets, we do not mean physical assets only. We are referring to both tangible and intangible assets, given the investments by the Federal Government in concessions, privatisations and all of that.”


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