PIB: How 16 legacy energy laws were collapsed into one

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African Energy Week set to leverage Nigeria’s new oil regulation in Cape Town

African Energy Week 2021 taking place in Cape Town will no doubt count the gains of Nigeria’s new oil and gas law.

The Nigerian Senate officially passed the long-awaited Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) on Thursday July 1, 2021, after deliberations and input by the executive and legislative arms of government.

The PIB, which had been revised on many occasions throughout the many years since it was first presented to the National Assembly in 2008, comprises a combination of 16 Nigerian petroleum laws that outline the framework to boost oil and gas output while enhancing the sectors attractiveness for international investment.

By ensuring an enabling environment for investors backed by a transparent and strengthened regulatory framework, the PIB will present significant investment opportunities for both regional and international stakeholders. At a time when the global energy sector is particularly competitive for foreign capital, the passing of the PIB serves to elevate Nigeria as an energy leader on the global stage and the upcoming African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 taking place in Cape Town on the 9th-12th of November will only enhance this trend.

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“For 13 years, our oil and natural gas industry pushed and waited for this moment. Passing the Petroleum Industry Bill lays the foundation for a stronger, efficient and attractive energy industry in Nigeria.” Declared NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber

“What we must do, is make this legislation work for Nigerian companies and foreign companies in the energy sector. I believe that this Bill will make the Nigerian energy sector competitive again and you will see rig counts go up. Nigeria will out-innovate, out-produce, and out-compete those who counted out or bet against its the oil and natural gas industry. We will showcase the opportunities at Africa Energy Week in Cape Town” Concluded Ayuk.

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By uniting both African global stakeholders in one exclusive networking event, AEW 2021 will be the place to explore post-PIB opportunities in Nigeria. H.E. Timipre Sylva, Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum, has already confirmed his attendance at AEW 2021, and will lead a Nigerian delegation to AEW 2021 including executives from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the Department of Petroleum Resources. The passing of the PIB represents an historic moment in Nigeria’s energy sector, and AEW 2021, representing the only Africa-focused energy event taking place in Africa in 2021, serves to promote and enhance the significant opportunities that will be sure to follow.

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