I Almost Died In 2 Abusive Relationships – Olympic Heroine Oshinaike

2 years ago
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Legendary Nigeria’s women’s table tennis queen, Funke Oshinaike has narrated her ordeal in the hands of two men in her previous relationships.

Amid Nigerians’ outpourings of emotions over the death of gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu who died recently due to complications arising from domestic abuse in the hands of her husband Peter Nwachukwu, Oshinaike on Wednesday took to her Facebook page to share her experiences on same subject.

The seven-time Olympian who represented Nigeria at the Atlanta 96, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Games detailed how she almost lost her life in abusive relationships.

“I didn’t sleep well at all because of what I’ve been reading about Osinachi, the gospel musician that was physically abused by her husband until she lost her life, ” the Germany-based Oshinaike started.

“I can’t even believe that some of you could have the guts to still be talking bad about her even in her grave, especially you Nigerian women!!

“Have you been physically abused before? If you’ve not been then you don’t have any idea of what physically abused women are going through, so you have no moral right to abuse them or talk about them anyhow,” she admonished.

Continuing Oshinaike who is expected to go into coaching after her playing career went on with her sordid experience.

“What they (victims of domestic violence) need from you is your words of encouragement, your help and your prayers.

“I’ve been physically, emotionally and mentally abused by two different men and I know how it felt.

“The first one was at a younger age. He didn’t only abuse me, but carted away with all my money and my properties, I mean all that I worked for as a young girl.

“He dealt with me! I was his mugun, it was like I was charmed because all that I had was in his name!! I had to run away from him with the advice of some wonderful people around me and the advice the police gave to me.

“I had to start my life back when I came back from Atlanta 96. He was still waiting for me to come give him all I earned! But God delivered me from his wicked hands. Oh how much I suffered!! I was living in bondage! I was his slave.

Oshinaike brought to the fore the haplessness of some parents and religious leaders who may not be able to stop such beastly actions.

“The second was with my ex husband. A good and a kind man, but not a good husband to me. His own problem was his background. That’s what he saw growing up, so he didn’t know any other way to deal with an argument than to raise his hands.

“My parents, friends, loved ones, pastor, church couldn’t help me. They all told me he will change, or I should change from my ways, I should pray and fast for him, I should be patient etc but not to leave.

“Do you know that he even beat me in front of my daddy and even in front of my pastor ??!! Hmm!

“This picture was taken the last time he laid his filthy hands on me. I took a knife to kill him, but I had to quickly drop the knife, took a picture of me and ran to the police.

“That was the last time he touched me because he was warned by the police that if he ever touched me again, he will be seriously punished and he won’t come near me and my kids again.

“I guess you super women on SM will ask me why I didn’t flee on time. I couldn’t because I wanted my marriage to work!

“I couldn’t because of his good other side, I couldn’t because of people around me, I couldn’t because I was helpless, I couldn’t because of you all out there , I just couldn’t because I was not only physically abused, but also mentally, and emotionally abused. I was totally lost. I was not a super woman like you!

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