Odu’a Investment Company Limited Charts a Course for Sustainable Growth and Investor Confidence

3 months ago
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Group Chairman Bimbo Ashiru Affirms Commitment to Building a World-Class Conglomerate

In a resounding declaration of its commitment to sustainable growth, Odu’a Investment Company Limited (OICL) expressed its unwavering determination to enhance the operations of its subsidiaries. The announcement came during the Closing Gong Ceremony held over the weekend, commemorating the investment group’s strategic partnership with the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX). Bimbo Ashiru, the Group Chairman of OICL, stood at the forefront of this proclamation, assuring investors of the safety of their funds while extending an invitation to join forces in creating a world-class conglomerate.

The Promise of Sustainable Growth

Addressing stakeholders and industry partners, Ashiru emphasized the pivotal role OICL plays in fostering sustainable growth within its diverse subsidiaries. He underscored the investment group’s commitment to leveraging available opportunities within the economy to continuously generate value for shareholders.

“Every investor wants the security of his funds at every point. They want to be sure that their investment is secured. One of the companies that we believe that investment can be secured is Odu’a. We are into real estate, energy, and financial activities, among others. Like so many people said, we are a one-stop shop,” stated Ashiru.

A Rich Legacy of Conglomerate Excellence

Delving into Odu’a Investment Company Limited’s storied history, Ashiru revealed that the company was incorporated in 1976 as the driving force for the six south-west states in Nigeria. Over the decades, it has evolved into a formidable conglomerate with substantial investments in real estate, hospitality, financial services, energy, agriculture, logistics, healthcare, and ICT digital in the south-western region of Nigeria.

“Our focus is to be a world-class conglomerate. To be a world-class conglomerate, you must ensure you bring everybody on board, and that is what we are doing – seeking partnership with investors,” Ashiru affirmed.

A Visionary One-Stop Shop

Ashiru’s vision for OICL is rooted in the belief that a world-class conglomerate should encompass a myriad of sectors and industries. The investment group’s diversified portfolio spans real estate, energy, financial services, and more. This comprehensive approach positions Odu’a as a one-stop shop for investors seeking a secure and diverse avenue for their funds.

As Odu’a Investment Company Limited charts a course for sustainable growth and strives to be a world-class conglomerate, the call for collaboration echoes loudly. Ashiru’s invitation to investors resonates as an opportunity to join hands in shaping the future of a company deeply entrenched in the economic landscape of the south-western region of Nigeria.

The partnership forged with the Nigerian Exchange Limited marks a significant milestone in OICL’s journey, opening doors for continued expansion, innovation, and a shared commitment to building a conglomerate that stands as a beacon of success and resilience in the ever-evolving business landscape.


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