NGX: Market Sees Bearish Turn In 2024 As ASI Plunges By 1.4%

Nigerian Stock Market Gains N167bn As Buacement, Oando Emerge Top Gainers

8 months ago
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The Nigerian Stock Market experienced a significant turn-up during the trading sessions on Monday, October 2nd, and Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023, as substantial gains amounting to a total of N167 billion were recorded, spearheaded by the impressive performances of Buacement and Oando.

Amidst these gains, however, Linkassure faced losses, highlighting the market’s ever-evolving dynamics and the standout performances of key players.

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Top 5 Gainers 

Buacement (BUACEMENT) led the gainers with a 9.94% increase in the closing price, gaining ₦8.50. Betaglas (BETAGLAS) followed closely with a 9.93% increase, adding ₦6.05 to its closing price.

Ftncocoa (FTNCOCOA) gained 9.93%, rising by ₦0.15. Oando (OANDO) recorded a 9.55% increase, adding ₦0.75. UACN (UACN) gained 8.50%, with a rise of ₦0.85.

Top 5 Losers

Linkassure (LINKASSURE) faced the biggest loss with a 10.00% decrease, losing ₦0.08. CWG (CWG) followed with a 9.94% decrease, losing ₦0.86. Red Star Express (REDSTAREX) experienced a 9.86% decline, losing ₦0.29. Tantalizer (TANTALIZER) had a 9.38% decrease, losing ₦0.03. UPDCREIT (UPDCREIT) recorded an 8.97% decrease, losing ₦0.35.

Gainers for ETFs

Mergrowth (MERGROWTH) saw a significant 14.60% increase, gaining ₦2.81. Lotushal15 (LOTUSHAL15) gained 10.00% with a rise of ₦1.51. Stanbic ETF 30 (STANBICETF30) increased by 8.91%, adding ₦27.60. Mervalue (MERVALUE) recorded a 4.96% increase, gaining ₦1.38.

Debt Losers

Among the debt instruments, there were losers too: FGSUK2025S2: N-17.50 loss (-14.58%) and FG132026S1: N-0.20 loss (-0.20%)


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