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Nigerian Stock Market Cap Up By 1.64%, As Nigerian Bourse Nears All-Time High

1 year ago
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With over N580.22 billion gained on Tuesday, the Nigerian bourse appreciated in value by 1.64 per cent, raising the market capitalisation from N35.17 trillion to N35.75 trillion.

The All-Share Index continued its bullish run towards the all-time high of 66,162.17 ASI reported on February 25, 2008, as it closed at 65,669.29 ASI on Tuesday.

According to data obtained from the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), the ASI increased by 1,065.6 basis points, compared to Monday’s 64,603.69 ASI. 

About 844.71 million shares were exchanged on the trading floor on Tuesday in 8,922 deals, valued at N9.41 billion, against the 1.83 billion shares that exchanged investors’ hands on Monday in 14,584 deals, worth N22.03 billion.

Top five gainers

  • Sovereign Insurance’s share appreciated by 10 per cent to rise from N0.50 kobo to N0.55 kobo per share. 
  • Omatek grew by 10 per cent, up from N0.60 kobo to N0.66 kobo per share. 
  • Chellaram ended trading with N1.76 kobo from N1.60 kobo per share, rising by N0.16 kobo. 
  • FTN Cocoa gained N0.35 kobo to end trading at N3.85 kobo, having opened with N3.50 kobo per share.  
  • Transcorp Hotel’s stock was up by N3.59 kobo, closing at N39.50 kobo from N35.91 kobo per share. 

Top five losers 

  • Consolidated Hallmark Insurance depreciated by N0.13 kobo, dwindling from N1.30 kobo to N1.17 kobo per share.   
  • Champion Brew also declined by N0.43 kobo to end trading at N3.92 kobo, after opening at N4.35 kobo per share.   
  • McNichols followed the same path, losing 9.33 per cent after trading hours, to sell at N0.68 kobo from N0.75 kobo per share.   
  • PZ reported a decline of N2.05 from the previous day’s share price of N22 to end trading at N19.95 kobo per share.   
  • UPDC REIT’s share depreciated to N3.45 kobo from N3.80 kobo, after losing N0.35 kobo during trading hours. 

Top five trading equities in the stock exchange 

  • Chams reported 91.71 million shares, valued at N117.14 million, were traded on its floor.   
  • FCMB recorded 78.67 million shares valued at N551.89 million. 
  • Universal Insurance saw investors trade 75 million shares valued at N22.95 million. 
  • UBA recorded 55.11 million shares exchanged on its floor, worth N795.32 million. 
  • Transcorp reported 51.16 million shares, valued at N245.13 million, exchanged investors’ hands.


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