Nigerian Military Cracks Down On Oil Theft, Seizes 700,000 Stolen Liters Of Crude

Nigerian Military Cracks Down On Oil Theft, Seizes 700,000 Stolen Liters Of Crude

1 month ago
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The Nigerian military has intensified efforts to tackle the rampant issue of oil theft in the Niger Delta region, with a recent operation resulting in the recovery of approximately 700,000 liters of stolen crude oil.

Major-General Edward Buba, the Defence spokesperson, revealed the success of the week-long operation aimed at eliminating oil theft and ensuring national security.

“In the past week, our security forces have made significant strides in combating oil theft and related criminal activities in the Niger Delta region,” stated Major-General Buba during a press briefing in Abuja.

The operation, which involved coordinated efforts by security forces, led to the apprehension of 36 suspected oil thieves and the release of 133 individuals who were held captive. Additionally, security forces seized a substantial cache of weapons, including 270 firearms and over 5,000 rounds of ammunition, further crippling the operations of criminal syndicates involved in oil theft.

“Troops demolished 51 dugout pits, 24 boats, 21 storage tanks, and dismantled over 20 unlawful oil refining facilities,” Major-General Buba added, emphasizing the decisive action taken against illegal operations.

Furthermore, the military spokesperson revealed that suspected proceeds from oil theft amounting to approximately N637.7 million were confiscated during the operation, dealing a significant blow to the financial networks supporting such criminal activities.

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Highlighting the broader scope of the military’s operations, Major-General Buba emphasized the simultaneous efforts to combat terrorism in the North, resulting in the capture of numerous suspects and the seizure of weapons.

“The armed forces remain resolute in their commitment to eradicate terrorism and insecurity across the country,” affirmed Major-General Buba, underscoring the determination to ensure the safety of citizens.

The prevalence of oil theft in the Niger Delta region continues to pose a formidable challenge, impacting Nigeria’s oil production and revenue generation. With the country falling short of its OPEC quota due to rampant oil theft, experts stress the urgent need for decisive action to safeguard national security and revitalize the economy.

“Combatting oil theft is not only crucial for national security but also vital for sustaining Nigeria’s economic stability,” remarked experts, emphasizing the multifaceted implications of the illicit activity.

As the Nigerian military intensifies its crackdown on oil theft and related criminal networks, the government remains steadfast in its commitment to eliminating illicit activities and promoting sustainable development across the country.


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