Dr Nnamdi Onochie, a diplomat,
Dr Nnamdi Onochie, a diplomat,

Nigeria Needs National Healing At Eid-el-Kabir’

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As Nigerians join the Muslim world to celebrate Eid-el Kabir, Dr Nnamdi Onochie, a diplomat, has sought prayers for national healing and forgiveness.

Onochie made the appeal in a message released in Abuja on Monday, to mark the Eid celebrations.

“I wish to implore our citizens to use this occasion to pray for healing as we draw from the lessons of total obedience to the will of the almighty Allah as seen in the life of Prophet Ibrahim.’’

He noted that being steadfast was the magic wand needed by Nigerians to surmount various challenges, including abductions of school children, insurgency, secessionist threats and the coronavirus pandemic.

“I urge my countrymen to remain steadfast in our trust in God, knowing that all these issues affecting the country will soon be over with the coming of a new dispensation in 2023,’’ he stated.

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The former Nigerian envoy to Algeria and the Philippines called on political and religious leaders to draw from the lessons of Eid-el Kabir in the discharge of their duties.

He said that dependence on the will of Allah by Nigerian leaders was the only way to extricate the country from current economic hardships, insecurity and various ills.

Onochie pleaded with Nigerians to use the Eid to reinforce their love for one another by showing care, particularly to the less-privileged, the sick, the bereaved, the aged as well as victims of various challenges in the country.

“I also want to use this opportunity to call on our leaders to use this occasion to show love to those in need, especially those in various refugee camps across the country.
“My heart also goes to those that have been orphaned by communal crises and other unwarranted insecurity situations in the country.”

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He said that prevailing situations in the country called for Nigerians to be one another’s keeper, united by love and peace in all nooks and cranes in the country.

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