Nigeria Air: A Game-Changer For Nigerians- Shehu Garba

Nigeria Air: A Game-Changer For Nigerians- Shehu Garba

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In a recent interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, expressed his belief that Nigeria Air would be a game-changer and bring relief to Nigerians.

He commended Minister of Aviation Hadi Sirika for his unwavering determination to make the airline a reality, emphasizing the numerous benefits that Nigerians would derive from the project.

Shehu acknowledged the challenges that had impeded the progress of the Nigeria Air initiative. He lamented the unfair criticism faced by Minister Sirika, who had encountered obstacles at every step of the way.

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However, he lauded the minister’s persistence and commitment, which ultimately resulted in the recent clearance for the airline’s resumption.

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Reflecting on the lengthy process, Shehu remarked that the project had faced unprecedented hurdles. Throughout President Muhammadu Buhari’s eight-year tenure, no other initiative had encountered the zigzag journey that this airline had endured.

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It had been presented before the Federal Executive Council on seven separate occasions before finally gaining approval. However, just as everything seemed poised for takeoff, domestic Nigerian airline operators sought an injunction in court, effectively grounding the project. Only recently, after overcoming this legal obstacle, did the prospects for Nigeria Air begin to brighten.

Shehu emphasized that the collaboration with Ethiopian Airways was in the best interest of the country. Drawing from past experiences, he highlighted the inherent challenges when the government directly manages businesses.

Recognizing the government’s limitations as a business manager, he stressed the importance of allowing the airline to operate as a business entity with the government serving as a minority shareholder. This approach, according to Shehu, would increase the likelihood of success and ensure efficient operations.

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The revival of Nigeria Air is poised to have far-reaching implications, particularly for international travel. It represents a significant milestone in the nation’s aviation industry and holds the promise of transforming the travel experience for Nigerians.

The availability of a national carrier would enhance connectivity, foster economic growth, and promote tourism. It would provide Nigerians with greater travel options, improve convenience, and potentially lower fares. Moreover, the airline’s operations would create job opportunities and stimulate related industries, thus contributing to the overall development of the country.

With the imminent launch of Nigeria Air, optimism abounds among Nigerians who eagerly await the benefits that this game-changing venture will bring.

The collaborative model, combined with the government’s limited involvement, presents a new paradigm for success in the aviation sector. As the airline takes flight, it is expected to leave a lasting impact, elevating Nigeria’s position in the global aviation landscape and serving as a testament to the nation’s progress and resilience.

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