Nicaragua Drags Germany To ICJ Over Alleged Role In Gaza Genocide

Nicaragua Drags Germany To ICJ Over Alleged Role In Gaza Genocide

2 months ago
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The Republic of Nicaragua has taken Germany to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, accusing it of aiding genocide in Gaza by supplying arms to Israel. Nicaragua argues that Germany’s provision of arms and financial support to Israel violates the Genocide Convention.

In hearings that commenced on Monday at the ICJ, Nicaragua is expected to assert that Germany is enabling grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions by Israel, particularly in its obligation to protect civilians during armed conflict. Nicaragua has requested emergency measures ordering Germany to cease its wartime support to Israel.

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Additionally, Nicaragua is asking the international court to compel Germany to reverse its decision to stop funding the U.N. Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA. Germany has stated that the case brought by Nicaragua is not justified and intends to present its case on Tuesday.

“Let me announce here and now that we reject Nicaragua’s accusations. Germany has neither violated the Genocide Convention nor international humanitarian law, and we will explain this in detail at the International Court of Justice,” the German Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The suit against Germany by Nicaragua is the second such case to reach the ICJ since the Israel-Hamas conflict began six months ago. The conflict escalated when Hamas launched an attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, resulting in hundreds of casualties and hostages. According to the Gaza health agency, over 33,000 Palestinians have been killed, with thousands more facing famine and health crises.

South Africa was the first country to bring a case to the ICJ regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict. In January, the ICJ ruled that South Africa’s claims, alleging that Israel violated the Genocide Convention during its assault on Gaza, were plausible. The court issued emergency measures, including a call for Israel to halt any potential acts of genocide.
Israel has consistently denied allegations of genocide and maintains that it has the right to defend itself against attacks.

Under the genocide treaty, countries not only agree not to commit genocide but also to prevent and punish any possible genocide. It also makes complicity in genocide and attempting genocide a violation of the treaty.

The rulings of the International Court of Justice are binding on members but it lack an enforcement mechanism, giving countries the opportunity to not obey the rulings.


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