Peter Obi crypto artwork by AnagbadoChuma Twitter
Peter Obi crypto artwork by Anagbado Chuma

New Cryptocurrency Created For Peter Obi, To Get Paid From Ethereum Artwork

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Nigerian artist, Chuma Anagbado, has vowed to hand over 99 per cent of his earnings from a cryptocurrency sale to the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the forthcoming 2023 elections, Peter Obi.

Anagbado created a portrait of Obi, which he converted into a token that is listed on Ethereum blockchain. The web3 community developer plans to sell the artwork for 0.008 ETH (-/+$10). 

He said 99 per cent proceeds from the sale of the digital artwork will go to Obi as part of his contribution to the election campaign of the former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) member. 

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Obi, like other Presidential candidates, Bola Tinubu, and Atiku Abubakar, are expected to spend at most N5 billion to campaign across the 36 states of Nigeria. 

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According to Anagbado, he also want to participate in the ballot revolution, and one of the ways he can achieve that is the digital artwork that will be sold on the Ethereum blockchain. 

“I’ve been drawing this piece for a couple of months now and for most of the time, I left it alone. 

“As Nigeria’s 2023 general election campaign begins, I finally figured that I could use my work to lend my support to what has become a ballot revolution, a movement of the masses and a genuine cry for good governance. 

“Nigerian youths, in particular, found their hope in the person of Mr Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of a rather obscure Labour Party that has quickly risen to become the prophesied 3rd force. His consistent messaging and engagement with the youth population over the years seem to have struck patriotic cords.” Anagbodo said. 

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The artist revealed that, “To keep it open and ensure transparency recorded on the blockchain, I have listed the tokens on the Ethereum blockchain for an unlimited edition supply at 0.008 ETH (-/+$10) each to raise funds to support the movement poised to save Africa’s most populous and blessed country – Nigeria. 

“I will be giving 99% of total funds received to verified Peter Obi (Labour Party) campaign support groups and retain 1% to support my work. Feel free to create merchandising and branded items In support of the Labour Party using this art. You can screenshot and use it as your display image as well.”

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