Naira Traded Above N2ooo/1£ At parallel market

Naira Traded Above N2,000/1£ At parallel market

3 months ago
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In a development impacting Nigeria’s financial landscape, the local currency, the naira, has surged above 2,000 naira against the British Pound in the parallel market.

This news comes as a Bureau de Change operator, Malam Ibrahim, confirmed the startling rates, attributing the surge to persistent and robust demand for foreign currencies.

Malam Ibrahim stated, “Yes it is true, we are currently selling above N2,000 for the pounds, and it is still about the heavy and consistent demand for these currencies.”

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The rate hike marks a sharp increase from the N1,930 recorded just days ago, signifying the naira’s lowest performance in history. Similarly, against the dollar, the naira witnessed a depreciation, trading unofficially at N1,673 compared to N1,670/$ previously.

These developments persist despite the Central Bank of Nigeria’s efforts to enhance forex supply, including halting international oil companies from remitting 100% of their forex proceeds abroad.

Market analysts attribute the decline to a sustained surge in demand for dollars, particularly from businesses seeking to replenish stocks or acquire raw materials.

Commenting on the situation, analysts noted the heightened demand’s impact, especially evident since January’s onset. This surge underscores the necessity for policymakers to address underlying economic challenges effectively.

With businesses actively seeking foreign exchange for essential operations, the pressure on the naira is expected to persist unless substantial measures are implemented to stabilize the currency and alleviate demand pressures.

As the nation grapples with these currency fluctuations, stakeholders await decisive actions from regulatory bodies to mitigate the adverse effects on Nigeria’s economy and ensure stability in the forex market.


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