LASG Urges Residents To Maintain Cleanliness To Prevent Cholera

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LAGOS State Government has urged residents to observe hygienic practices in order to prevent the outbreak of cholera in the state.

Lagos State Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tunji Bello, said residents should keep their environment clean.

“Cholera only thrives in unhygienic conditions. Practices such as open defecation, drinking untreated water from unclean sources, improper disposal of refuse and not washing hands with soap must be stopped,” he said.

Bello assured that the government would continue to make members of the public aware of the need to adhere hygienic rules.

He said, “This present administration has embarked on sensitisation measures, including door-to-door campaign round neighborhoods and estates by environmental sanitation officers and public awareness campaign to markets, public places and parks.

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“These campaigns are also being stepped up in the media. We urge members of the public to adhere to the process by ensuring that proper toilet facilities are provided in residences and when people are outdoors, public toilets or mobile toilets must be used.

All tenements and property owners must prevent exposure of refuse; waste should be properly bagged and disposed of through approved Private Sector Participation operators.”

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