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Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway: Nigerian Govt To Charge N3,000 Per Toll Gates

2 months ago
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The Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project is set to introduce toll charges averaging N3,000 per vehicle upon completion, as revealed by the Minister of Works, Dave Umahi.

Speaking on a Channels Television programme, Umahi emphasized that the toll charges aim to recoup the project investment within 15 years.

Umahi clarified that the estimated toll fee considers varying vehicle sizes, with cars possibly paying N1,500 and larger trucks N5,000. Assuring the public, he stated, “In 15 years, you make back the money,” dismissing concerns about the project’s budget.

Security measures and essential facilities, including filling stations and restaurants, will be incorporated at toll gates to enhance travelers’ convenience and safety. Umahi highlighted, “At every point of tolling, we also have toll station where we have a kind of relief activities: the restaurants, filling stations, parking lots, and so on.”

Regarding the project timeline and costs, Umahi projected an eight-year completion period and disclosed a cost of N4 billion per kilometer. He attributed the prudence in costs to the government’s efforts, emphasizing the project’s importance in connecting key coastal states.

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Umahi’s statements come amidst previous queries raised by political figures, notably Atiku Abubakar, regarding the transparency and cost efficiency of the project. However, the government has affirmed its commitment to accountability and quality delivery.

The Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project, stretching 700 kilometers, aims to link Lagos to Cross River, traversing several coastal states. Phase one of the project, covering 47.47 kilometers from Lagos, has already received approval from the Federal Executive Council.

Despite challenges such as commodity price inflation and supply chain disruptions impacting the construction industry, the Ministry of Works remains steadfast in ensuring cost-effectiveness and timely completion of road projects.

With the implementation of toll charges, the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project is poised to not only enhance connectivity but also contribute to infrastructure development and economic growth along the coastal region.


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