Kenya Police Arrests Binance Executive After 32 Days In Exile, Faces Extradition To Nigeria In 1 Week

Kenya Police Arrests Binance Executive After 32 Days In Exile, Faces Extradition To Nigeria In 1 Week

1 month ago
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The Kenya Police Service has apprehended Nadeem Anjarwalla, a Binance executive on the run, as efforts to expedite his extradition to Nigeria within the week gain momentum.

An anonymous government source revealed the update on Sunday, shedding light on the ongoing cooperation between authorities across borders.

The Office of the National Security Adviser confirms that Nadeem Anjarwalla, a suspect in the ongoing criminal probe into the activities of Binance in Nigeria escaped from lawful custody on Friday, 22 March 2024,

“We’ve got him. Anjarwalla is in Kenya, and we’re working closely with Kenyan authorities and INTERPOL to ensure his return to Nigeria,” the source stated.

Anjarwalla’s escapade from Nigeria’s custody prompted a cross-border hunt, with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), International Criminal Police, Nigeria Police Force, and Kenyan Police Service joining forces to expedite his extradition process.

Following his disappearance after landing in Kenya, authorities swiftly located Anjarwalla, setting the stage for his impending return to Nigeria. The EFCC Chairman, Ola Olukoyede, emphasized the collaborative efforts involving INTERPOL, the FBI, and multiple governments to secure Anjarwalla’s extradition.

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“The EFCC’s pursuit of Binance executives underscores our commitment to combat distortions in the forex market,” Olukoyede remarked. The charges against Binance Holdings Limited, Tigran Gambaryan, and Nadeem Anjarwalla include tax evasion, currency speculation, and money laundering amounting to $35.4 million.

While Gambaryan is in custody, the extradition process for Anjarwalla is underway. The EFCC’s partnership with international agencies and governments signals a united front against financial crimes, reinforcing the resolve to uphold justice across borders.

“While Gambaryan is currently in the Commission’s net, the process of extraditing the fleeing Anjarwalla is revving in full swing. Involved in partnership with the EFCC to nick Anjarwalla in flight are the International Criminal Police Organisation, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, the governments of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and Kenya as the clock winds down to his arraignment in absentia alongside the company and Gambaryan.” he said

Anjarwalla’s arrest in Kenya marks a significant step towards accountability for alleged financial misconduct, highlighting the collaborative efforts between nations to combat economic crimes.


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