Israel- Gaza War: Netanyahu Dissolves Cabinet Following Resignation Of General Benny Gantz
Benjamin Netanyahu Israel PM. Photo credit: CNN

Israel-Gaza War: Netanyahu Dissolves Cabinet Following Resignation Of General Gantz

1 month ago
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Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has dissolved the war cabinet just days after General Benny Gantz, a key member of the cabinet, resigned. The decision was announced by Netanyahu during a meeting of the political security cabinet on Sunday, according to reports.

General Gantz, who was instrumental in the formation of the war cabinet in October, following the deadly October 7 attack that claimed hundreds of Israeli lives, resigned due to a lack of post-war plans for Gaza. General Gantz had called for elections after resigning. “The [war] cabinet was in the coalition agreement with Gantz at his request. As soon as Gantz left – there is no need for a cabinet anymore,” Netanyahu told ministers on Sunday, as reported by the Jerusalem Post.

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The Prime Minister is now expected to conduct “consultations” regarding the Gaza conflict with a smaller group of ministers, including Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, and Strategic Affairs Minister, Ron Dermer, who were also part of the dissolved cabinet.
Despite the cabinet’s dissolution, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), will continue their operations unaffected, according to IDF chief spokesman, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari. “Cabinet members are being changed and the method is being changed. We have the echelon, we know the chain of command. We’re working according to the chain of command. This is a democracy,” Hagari told reporters on Monday.

The ongoing Gaza conflict continues to escalate with significant developments. The death toll in Gaza has surpassed 37,000 since the conflict began on 7 October 2023.

Recent Israeli airstrikes have caused substantial casualties and destruction, notably in the Nuseirat refugee camp. Despite calls for a ceasefire, hostilities persist, with Israel and Hamas both accused of committing war crimes.


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