Iran's Attack On Israel Signals WW3 - PeacePro

Iran’s Attack On Israel Signals WW3 – PeacePro

The group urges African Union to prepare to defend Africa
1 month ago
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A peacebuilding think tank, Foundation for Peace Professionals also known as PeacePro has declared that the Saturday night attack on Israel by Iran means that the world is on the verge of third World War (WW3).

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard fired missiles  and drones on Israel in retaliation of the attack on its embassy in Syria.

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PeacePro said that, the escalation of crisis between Iran and Israel is an indication of a wider conflict.

In a statement by the Executive Director, Mr Abdulrazaq Hamzat, PeacePro said that the failure of United Nations to quickly provide adequate intervention is a signal the global body has effectively lost control of the global system and the magnitude of conflict the world will experience in coming months cannot be imagined.

According to Hamzat, countries are no longer united and the voice of the United Nations is lost, an indication that the fabric holding global peace has practically collapsed.

He said: “In absence of the United Nations, it is safe to say that another world war is hanging around the corner, except something drastic is done to avert the upcoming tragedy.”

Hamzat urged African nations, through Africa Union (AU) to avoid taking sides with the conflicting nations and keep the continent free from global battles.

“The continent should be prepared to defend itself against any external aggression or forceful coercion into global conflict.”

According to Israeli military,  Iran in collaboration with Yemen and Iraq, fired more than 300 missiles and drones at its territory.

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