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Investors Trade N8 billion Nigerian Stocks In Five Days, As FCMB Record Bad Week

2 years ago
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Investors parted with N8.004 billion to trade over 719.398 million shares in 17,444 deals, in contrast to the 949.819 million shares that exchanged hands in 18,525 deals, valued at N9.329 billion, during last week’s Nigerian stock market.

Top NGX performing sector 

The Financial Services Industry recorded 411.407 million shares, valued at N3.943 billion, traded in 9,471 deals among investors, making it the top performing sector. 

ICT Industry saw investors trade over 177.815 million shares, worth N955.781 million, in 1,573 deals. 

Conglomerates Industry reported 36.577 million shares, worth N2.332 billion, were traded among investors in 2,425 deals. 

Top three equities  

Courteville Business Solutions Plc, Zenith Bank Plc and Access Holdings Plc accounted for 38.68% and 24.78% of the total equity turnover volume and value respectively. 

This made the companies the top three equities, as investors traded over 278.293 million shares, worth N1.984 billion, in 3,038 deals.  

Top five gainers

  • Multiverse gained N0.44kobo, after its stock price appreciated from N2.36kobo to N2.80kobo per share.
  • Associated Bus Company reported an uptick of 7.14 percent, as its share rose from N0.28kobo to N0.30kobo per share.
  • Honeywell share went up by N0.13kobo, rising to N2.38kobo from N2.25kobo per share.
  • Cadbury saw its share price gain N0.75kobo, increasing to N13.75kobo from N13 per share.
  • Pharma Deko recorded an appreciation of N0.10kobo, after the share went from N1.95kobo to N2.05 per share.

Top five losers

  • Red Star share depreciated by N0.34kobo, dwindling from N2.70kobo to N2.36kobo per share.
  • Beta Glass share dropped in value by N5.10kobo, to settle at N46.10kobo from N51.20kobo per share.
  • Consolidated Hallmark Insurance followed the same path, losing 9.52 percent after trading hours, to sell at N0.57kobo from N0.63kobo per share.
  • Learn Africa reported a decline of N0.19kobo in its share, depreciating from N2.25kobo to N2.06 per share.
  • FCMB Group share lost N0.27kobo from previous day’s N3.50kobo, dropping to N3.23kobo per share.


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