Intl Women’s Day: Inspiring Inclusion In Our Communities

Int’l Women’s Day: Inspiring Inclusion In Our Communities

4 months ago
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As we commemorate International Women’s Day 2024 under the theme of “Inspire Inclusion,” FabMumNG passionately advocates investment in women across all societal spheres and by individuals. Our mission is to expedite progress in today’s world by empowering and uplifting women.

The theme “Inspire Inclusion” unequivocally champions women’s rights across various domains such as employment, education, legal rights, healthcare, and combating violence. It serves as a rallying cry to address systemic inequalities and create spaces where women are valued, respected, and given equal opportunities to thrive.

At FabMumNG, we stand in solidarity with all Nigerian women and women in the world at large, advocating their empowerment across all facets of life. This year’s theme resonates deeply with the everyday experiences of women in a discriminatory society, highlighting the need to address systemic barriers that hinder their progress.

Let us dissect some of these recurring challenges:


Unequal Pay in Workplaces

Despite their hard work and dedication, women often find themselves earning less than their male counterparts in many instances, making it challenging to achieve financial independence and provide for their families. When as institutions, we advocate for fair wages and workplace equality, we can inspire inclusion and ensure that women are compensated fairly for their contributions.

Challenges of Discriminatory Social Norms

Discriminatory social norms and institutions pose significant challenges for women, limiting their access to education, healthcare, and other essential services. Whether it’s cultural expectations or societal stereotypes, women often face barriers that impede their ability to thrive. Through community-driven initiatives that challenge discriminatory practices and promote inclusivity, we can inspire inclusion and create environments where women can reach their full potential.

Breaking Barriers in Nigerian Politics

The underrepresentation of women in Nigerian politics is a stark reality that hinders progress towards gender equality. Limited access to political leadership positions deprives women of the opportunity to influence policies and advocate for issues that affect them and their communities. By supporting women’s political participation and promoting gender parity in politics, we can inspire inclusion and ensure that Nigerian women’s voices are heard and valued in decision-making processes.

Disability Discrimination

Women with disabilities confront intersecting forms of discrimination that marginalize them and limit their participation in society. Promoting accessibility and inclusivity in our communities can empower women with disabilities to overcome barriers and fully participate in all aspects of life.

Addressing Digital Divides and Online Harassment

The digital gender gap is a pressing issue for women, particularly those in rural and underserved areas. Limited access to technology and digital opportunities perpetuates inequalities and hinders economic empowerment. Moreover, online harassment and cyberbullying create hostile online environments that deter women from engaging online.

Unpaid Labor and Period Poverty

Unpaid care work is a significant burden for many women, who often juggle multiple responsibilities without recognition or support. Also, period poverty remains a pervasive issue, denying women access to menstrual hygiene products and compromising their health and dignity. We can promote gender equality and inspire inclusion in Nigerian society by advocating for the recognition and redistribution of unpaid care work and addressing period poverty,

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024 and reflect on the theme of “Inspire Inclusion,” we can create a more just and equitable sphere where every woman has the opportunity to thrive. Together, let us inspire inclusion and build a future where women’s rights are fully recognized and respected.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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