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Governor Soludo

Independence: Soludo Seeks Unity Of Patriots To Build Better Nigeria

2 years ago
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As Nigeria celebrates her 62nd Independence Anniversary, Anambra State Governor Prof Chukwuma Soludo has called on patriotic citizens to unite for the purpose of building a strong black nation in the world and preserve what the founding fathers fought to secure six decades ago.

In his Independence Anniversary message, Governor Soludo emphasized that as the country prepare for the 2023 election, it is time for all Nigerians and in particular, politician all over the country seeking to be elected into office to do a soul searching, to be able to rediscover the purpose of public service in order to give the best in leadership in line with the visions of the founding fathers.

“I call on all patriotic progressives of Nigeria that this is the time to unite. Next year is an election year. Politicians are all over the place now, wanting to get into office. But I think it’s a time for soul searching, for us to rediscover the purpose of public service. 

“It is time for us to rediscover the essence and why our founding fathers fought for us to be an independent nation. For us to build that black race that will be the greatest black nation on earth. 

“And I call on all patriotic progressives to unite for the next Nigeria because that next Nigeria have all the potentials to become anything we want it to be,” Soludo stated.

Speaking on the activities of his administration since assuming office in March this year, the governor stated that he and his deputy have been working to address the foundational issues rated to the five-point agenda in the Soludo Solution manifesto – security, law and order, economic transformation, social agenda, governance and environment – to be able to build a liveable and prosperous smart mega city as Anambra.

On security, he highlighted the efforts made so far to combat criminals who indulge in killing and kidnapping victims for ransom, leading to destruction of about 15 camps of criminals in different parts of the state. With this, he said, security of lives and properties are gradually being restored and vowed that the state would not surrender to criminal elements.

He also called on all illegal task force operatives known as agberos who harrass and extort money from motorists in different parts of the state to desist from that, stressing that his administration does not give room for such to thrive.

He offered to provide skill acquisition training for the law abiding ones among them to be useful in other productive ventures rather than brigandage and impunity.

“We are offering you opportunities, where we give you some trainings. Going to harass the keke riders and bus drivers as a means of livelihood has no place in the state,” Soludo added.

He also highlighted efforts of his administration in provision of good road network, stating that over 120 kilometre of roads have been awarded for construction across the state.

 In the area of economic transformation, Soludo disclosed that they are already designing a package of having industrial parks for automobile and other sectors including transportation, and entertainment.

The governor also expressed deep concern about ecological challenges facing the state such as erosion, and flooding that is currently ravaging different parts of the state, lamenting that it is costing a fortune to addressed that and called on all the citizens to work together to mitigate the disaster.

“There is personal responsibility even in the area of environment. Individuals must keep our places clean, green, planned and sustainable. 

“Soon, we will launch operation clean up all the gutters, desilting all the drainage ways so that flooding will not continue to cause the havoc that it does everywhere.”

He also called on the federal government to cooperate with the state in finding a permanent solution to flooding along the coastal lines. 

“Let’s begin to build embankments along the banks of these rivers that continually every year destroy livelihoods, Agricultural land and homes.

“With judicious use of resources, we can bring a permanent solution to that so that our brothers along Anambra West, parts of Anambra East, Ogbaru and co, will be able to enjoy twelve months in a year, without having to run away from their homestead. We can if we bind together.”

The governor who reiterated his administration’s resolve to make judicious use of public funds in a transparent manner, concluded by urging all to work collectively for a better Anambra and a prosperous Nigeria, stressing that it is not the job of the state and federal government alone but everyone must contribute to make it work.

“If everybody does its own part, this country will rise up to lead the rest of Africa that twenty second century will become the African century,” governor Soludo concluded.

Victor Ezeja is a passionate journalist with six years of experience writing on economy, politics and energy. He holds a Masters degree in Mass Communication.


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