I’ll Lead Government Of Service – New UK PM Starmer
New UK PM, Keir Starmer, delivers speech at 10 Downing Street, on Friday, 5 July 2024. Photo credit: Reuters

I’ll Lead Government Of Service – New UK PM Starmer

3 weeks ago
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New Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Keir Starmer, has promised to lead an administration that would restore trust in politics and build a “government of service”.

Starmer made the promise in his first speech on Friday after officially becoming the Prime Minister.

Starmer, who succeeded Rishi Sunak, had travelled to Buckingham Palace on Friday around midday where King Charles invited him for a new government to be formed.

According to an Aljazeera report, Starmer became the UK’s new prime minister, after the ceremonial “kissing of hands” with King Charles III.

Prime Business Africa reports that Starmer’s Labour Party won a landslide in the UK’s general elections for the House of Commons held on Thursday. Labour’s victory in the poll ended 14 years of rule by the Conservatives.

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He thanked the outgoing Prime Minister, Sunak, for his achievements as the first British-Asian Prime Minister in the country. Starmer praised Sunak for the dedication and hard work that he brought to leadership.

Starmer visits King Charles
New British Prime Minister, Keir Starmer, visits King Charles at Buckingham Palace. (Photo credit: Reuters)

He said Labour Party-led government will be dedicated to serving the people. He promised to rebuild Britain to serve the interest of the ordinary man, strengthen security both internally and at the borders, cut energy costs and ensure affordable homes for working class people to build their lives.

“I have no doubt that the work of change begins immediately; I have no doubt that we’ll rebuild Britain with wealth created in every community,” he stated.

The new UK PM also spoke about making efforts to unite the country, and ensure that the era of noisy performance is gone.

According to vote result seen by Prime Business Africa, Labour  won 412 seats, Conservative, 121 seats, Liberal Democrat, 71 seats, Scottish National Party, 9 seats, Sinn Fein, 7 seats, Independent, 6 seats, and Democratic Unionist Party, 5 seats. Other parties like the Reform UK, Green, and Plaid Cymru secured 4 seats each.



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