President of Ijebu Waterside Club (IWC), Alhaji Ahmed Tijani, seen on the right of photo; Senator Gbenga Daniel and pioneer President of IWC, Otunba Tayo Yusuf during an emergency visit to Senator Daniel over the electricity collapse that has affected the people of Ogun Waterside Local Government Area (OWLGA) of Ogun State in the last seven years.

Ijebu Waterside Club Demands End To 7-year Blackout In Ogun-Waterside

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In a crucial meeting with Senator Gbenga Daniel on Monday, the Ijebu Waterside Club (IWC) issued a passionate appeal to the Federal Government to address the dire electricity crisis that has paralyzed socio-economic activities in Ogun-Waterside Local Government Area (OWLGA) for the past seven years.

The club, composed of accomplished businessmen and professionals from Ogun Waterside, emphasized the urgent need for intervention.

Alhaji Ahmed Tijani, President of the Ijebu Waterside Club, conveyed the concerns of the people during the meeting with Senator Daniel, who represents the Ijebu East Senatorial Constituency, encompassing OWLGA.

Tijani pointed out that the ongoing electricity crisis has had a detrimental impact on the region’s socio-economic development.

Speaking directly to Senator Daniel, Tijani highlighted a series of abandoned government projects that have exacerbated the predicament in OWLGA. These projects include the OK LNG facility, the Deep Sea Port, Laogo Resort, Gateway Industrial and Petro-Gas Institute (GIPI) in Oni (the area’s only tertiary educational institution), Iwopin Paper Mill, and a road contract linking Efire and Ayede-Ayila to Ondo State, with an estimated cost of over N14 billion.

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These initiatives, if completed, hold the potential to create jobs, boost government revenue, and foster overall economic growth in Ogun Waterside, and Nigeria as a whole.

The IWC also brought to attention the Nigeria Electricity and Gas Improvement Project (NIGEP), a World Bank-backed endeavor in partnership with the Federal Government. Unfortunately, this project has been abandoned, exacerbating the electricity crisis in OWLGA.

In 2010, the NIGEP offered hope with the completion of the Omotosho 2x150MVA, 330kv power plant. A proposal was made to construct a 2x150MVA, 330/132kv substation at the plant to feed neighboring areas. However, this plan remains in limbo due to a lack of funds to compensate affected stakeholders.

Alhaji Tijani expressed gratitude for the opportunity to meet with Senator Daniel and praised his openness and dedication to the community.

He noted that over the past 41 years, the IWC has interacted with all past Governors of Ogun State except for Senator Daniel’s predecessor, who failed to meet with them during his eight-year tenure.

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Regarding the neglected GIPI in Oni, Tijani stressed the importance of the institute and implored Senator Daniel to ensure its survival, as it was established during his tenure as Governor to provide middle-level manpower for anticipated projects in the area.

He also mentioned the Iwopin Paper Mill, a Federal Government project that has been abandoned for over 43 years, and the Deep Sea Port, which remains unrealized despite its potential to generate employment and revenue.

Responding to the IWC delegation, Senator Daniel expressed deep empathy for the people’s plight and acknowledged the unfortunate seven-year electricity crisis.

He commended the club’s efforts and assured them of his commitment to work with stakeholders at all levels of government to address the challenges faced by the Ijebu Waterside region.

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