ICAN Honours IGP, LASU Bursar, APC Chairman, Others With Merit Awards
L-R: Mr. Bello Ayodele Ismail, FCA (Current and 5th Chairman, Oba & District Society of ICAN; Mr. Said Babatunde Olayinka, FCA (one of the Awardees and Bursar of Lagos State University); Dr. Njum Nnennaya Uma-Onyemenam, FCA (ICAN Governing Council, Oba District Coordinator); Noble Taiwo Moshood Folaranmi, FCA (Immediate Past chairman) during the award presentation to the awardee during the 10th Anniversary and Award ceremony of Ojo, Badagry, Agbara (Oba)&District Society of ICAN on the 13 of January 2024.

ICAN Honours IGP, LASU Bursar, APC Chairman, Others With Merit Awards

5 months ago
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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Ojo, Badagry, Agbara (Oba) & District Society has honored Inspector General of Police, Egbetokun Kayode, Bursar of Lagos State University (LASU), Mr Said Babatunde Olayinka, FCA, and the All Progressive Congress (APC) chairman, Lagos, Cornelius Ojelabi, among others.

The awards were presented during the 10th anniversary and award ceremony of the district on the 13th of January 2024 at Martinos Hotel & Suites, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Olayinka expressed his profound joy, stating, “If I say I am delighted, it is an understatement because this award incidentally is the first award to be given by this institute society, Oba District and society. Is the award given to distinguished members? And this is the first time I would be so recognized by my institute.”

Acknowledging the significance of ICAN’s recognition, Mr. Olayinka highlighted, “ICAN is reputable. Apart from any other certifications which are based on examinations, this is the first time to be honored. And for the body as ICAN to honor you means you are very dear to them. You must have contributed positively towards the development and growth of the nation.”

The LASU Bursar, who has received a total of 36 awards, emphasized the intrinsic value of such recognitions, saying, “It is always my desire to be recognized. When you are contributing positively towards the growth and development of society and they recognize you, this is beyond money because it is precious and priceless. I can say it is an asset to me as an accountant. It enhances your profile. So I am so happy.”

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Mr. Olayinka disclosed that the title of the award bestowed upon him is “Distinguished Role Model.” He expressed his commitment to being a model for others, stating, “I want to encourage other members that they can surpass this height that I have attained. This type of award is a recognition of your contribution. Which means if you also contribute towards society development or to the institute, you will be recognized.”

Furthermore, he stressed the ethical standards upheld by ICAN members, stating, “It will be difficult for a member of ICAN to be involved in anything that is fraudulent or that is against the ethics of the profession. It is about accuracy and integrity. And if a member misbehaves in any way, you will face the panel.”

The Vice Chancellor of LASU, Prof. Ibiyemi Olutunji-Bello, congratulated the Bursar, charging him to continue to be more of a role model as he has always been.

Other awardees are ICAN treasurer, Otunba Tobi Abiola, FCA; Mr. Doyin Owolabi, FCA.


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