I Never Set My Wife Ablaze - Ibadan-based Medical Practitioner 

I Never Set My Wife Ablaze – Ibadan-based Medical Doctor 

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An Ibadan-based medical doctor, Abdulfatai Onifade, has debunked reports that he set his wife ablaze.

Onifade, who works at the Chemical Pathology Department, University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan is also the director of the Mercy Medical and Pathological Center in Osogbo.

In a chat with Prime Business Africa, the medical practitioner said his wife got herself burnt while setting his hospital ablaze on the night of 26th December 2022.

He said he got information that his wife was involved in extra-marital affairs and confronted with that, and in reaction, she attempted to kill him through stabbing and strangulation but could not succeed.

Giving further his account of what happened between them, Onifade stated that when he observed the level of rage in his wife and her attempts to cause more troubles, left the house for her on the evening of 25th December to allow peace reign.

Onifade said: “We were doing well till around middle of August when she started the troubles. Later, she apologised. She later asked for the  money I owed her which was calculated to be 20 million but insisted on 25 million. She started withdrawing the money from all the accounts she had access to, till she completed it within three months with the hope that all my organisations will fold up.

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“We are going on well. I insisted in September that all the children must be in boarding school for proper training because they live with her mother in Lagos. She and her family begged for the children to remain with their grandmother till they get to secondary school which I reluctantly accepted because of peace.

“Meanwhile, some residents have been informing me that she is having extramarital affairs with local kings in my school area. I confronted her in November 17th through whatsapp because she was expected to return from Lagos that day or 18th. To my surprise, she was not able to respond well to my allegations and did not show up till December 24th.

“On arrival at about 9.30pm, she started arguing that I must bring my three witnesses that saw them having s3x. The next, she broke bottles with attempt to stab me but my children blocked her. I tried to maintain peace having seen her reaction and relaxed. She thought I was sleeping and tried to strangulate me which I resisted with force.”

At this point, Onifade said his wife prevented him from going out until a staff of his hospital came around 9 am and informed that a patient needed urgent attention.

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Continuing, he said: “When I saw that she was determined from her posture to cause more troubles, I left home quietly  at about 5.30 p.m. on December 25th to lodge in hotel and switched off my phone because I was tired and did not sleep. I switched on my phone about 10am to receive the news my hospital wing was set ablaze by her around 2 a.m. 26th December and she was burnt. The hospital lawyer invited police and ordered she should be taken to the  University Teaching Hospital for proper care. She declined care at the teaching hospital at about 10 p.m. and her relatives took her to Lagos.”

In a statement released earlier, the medical practitioner had described as false and malicious, a report in an online platform which alleged that he was the one who burnt her.

“For the sake of putting the record straight, all that the blogger wrote were complete lies, Margaret Reis Udo was caught in the web of her evil act while trying to set the hospital ablaze after wetting it with petrol because I confronted her about extramarital affairs with a king.”

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