‘I Auditioned For Big Brother Naija Five Times’ - Chef Hida Baci

‘I Auditioned For Big Brother Naija Five Times’ – Chef Hida Baci

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Guinness World Record holder Chef Hilda Baci recently shared that she had auditioned to enter the Big Brother Naija on five separate occasions, yet was never selected.

Chef Hilda Baci made this revelation during a guest appearance on ‘The Big Friday Show,’ hosted by none other than Tacha, a star from the ‘BBNaija’ reality show. Baci disclosed that her aspirations for the popular reality show were intertwined with her plans for aher Cook-A-Thon.

She intended to participate in the show, followed by the execution of her ambitious cook-a-thon project upon exiting the Big Brother house. However, despite multiple attempts, her pursuit of a Big Brother journey remained unrealized.

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In her own words, Baci recounted, “I tried to get on Big Brother Naija for a while. I think I auditioned about four or five times. The plan for the cook-a-thon was still in the pipeline, so my goal was to go to Big Brother and then come out and do the cook-a-thon.”

While some might interpret these setbacks as discouraging, Hilda Baci embraced them as divine guidance steering her towards her true calling. She saw the rejections as signs to focus on her culinary skills, a domain where she undeniably excelled.

“I guess God just knew, he was like you know what, this is fine just focus on this, this is going to take a lot more from you,” she gracefully acknowledged.

Chef Hilda Baci’s crowning achievement came in May 2023 when she cemented her name in the Guinness World Records by completing the longest individual cooking marathon.

Over a span of four days, she showcased her culinary prowess by cooking tirelessly for a remarkable 93 hours and 11 minutes. The impressive event took place in Lekki, Lagos State, and garnered unwavering support from Nigerians both domestically and internationally.

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