GULDER ULTIMATE SEARCH: What We Know, What We Do Not Know

3 years ago
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By Augustina Okpechi

KUNLE Remi, winner for the seventh season of GUS has been appointed taskmaster for the ‘Age of Craftsmanship’.

Nigerians favorite survival reality TV show, Gulder Ultimate Show (GUS) is back after 7 years of epic waiting. The show which dominated the Nigerian airwaves for over a decade is making its way back to our screens just in time after the curtain falls on Big Brother Naija (BBN), Shine Ya Eyes, Season 7. “We are excited to be bringing back the Gulder Ultimate Search for the viewing pleasures of Nigerian who have over the years continued to call for the return of the show” says Sade Morgan, the Corporate Affairs Director, Nigerian Breweries Plc.

The show which will be aired on Dstv and other local stations across the country already started and ended registrations, from September 1 through to September 8. The first screening session kicks off on September 14 and 15 in Abuja and in Enugu, September 15 and 16. The second screening session which is the final selection will happen in Lagos on September 16 and 17. The premier is set for October 16 and will run through to December 19, the grand finale. Kunle Remi, winner for the seventh season of GUS has been appointed taskmaster for the ‘Age of Craftsmanship’.

As Big Brother Naija, one of the catches that drew the audience asides from the adrenaline rush that the show gave was the winners’ price, which at the time, was one of the most paying reality TV shows and this year season will not exactly be any different if not grander. The winner of the Gulder Ultimate Search, The Age of Craftsmanship will walk away with the sum of N20 million in cash, a brand new SUV, and other mouth-watering gifts. Asides from the winner, other contestants will also win over N20 million cash prize.

While this may seem like all we need to know about the comeback of the reality show GUS, should that be all? According to Morgan, “the planning team has been in place everything necessary to give the fans exactly what they enjoy about the show”. But it would seem that is not the case because here are a few things we do not know about the upcoming Gulder Ultimate Ultimate Search;

Forest location: with the current insecurity in the country, this one question requires an answer. However, asides season 4, whose location was the Shere Hills of Jos, other locations were situated outside of the Northern part of the country. Notwithstanding, the organizers of the show have made it known that security would be top-notch as they have the full complement of private, public, and high-tech security agencies who have been mobilized to protect the lives and properties of the contestant and crew members.

Mode of airing: would the current GUS be taking advantage of the 24hours all-day-every-second reality TV mode or airing or would we be expecting to see a one-hour compilation of the show at a designated time of the day as past seasons have seen?

Season number: after a 7 years-long hiatus, what season number will this year GUS go by? Season 12? Or…?


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