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Gov Eno Seeks Tinubu’s Support For Akwa Ibom’s Oil Palm Resuscitation

5 months ago
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Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State has sought President Bola Tinubu’s backing for the revival of a 28-year-old dormant oil palm project in the state.

Addressing reporters after a meeting in Abuja, Governor Eno emphasized the potential economic impact, stating, “With federal support, we can transform the oil palm industry, establishing a full value chain and even enabling palm oil exports.”

During the visit, Governor Eno also highlighted the significance of the Ibom Deep Seaport, with the deepest wharf poised to serve the business interests of the southeast, south-south, and the entire Niger Delta region.

When questioned about the purpose of his visit, Governor Eno stated, “Wishing the president a Happy New Year was paramount for us, and we also have a request.”

President Tinubu, responding to the requests, has granted the governor permission to submit memos outlining proposals, including considerations for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) of facilities.

Eno assured the President that Ibom Air is operating profitably, contributing to the expansion of airport facilities in the state.

He outlined the broader impact, stating, “We need the support of the federal government to have a full value chain and bring employment opportunities to our people.” He underscored the importance of partnerships, emphasizing, “Akwa Ibom is part of Nigeria, and the President needs to know how one of his component states is doing.”

On the Ibom Deep Seaport’s significance, The Governor acknowledged existing ports but stressed the need for a deep seaport to alleviate congestion.

He explained, “Lagos is congested; hence, we need a deep seaport that will effectively cater to the southeast, south-south, and the Niger Delta region.”


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