Google: France Imposes €250m Fine For Copyright Infringement

Google: France Imposes €250m Fine For Copyright Infringement

1 month ago
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Google faces a hefty €250 million fine from the French Competition Authority due to allegations of copyright infringement.

The authority claims Google failed to comply with copyright rules by utilizing content from press agencies and publishers to train its AI model, Bard, now known as Gemini, without proper notification or consent.

In a statement released by the French Authority, they highlighted Google’s disregard for notifying press agencies and publishers about the use of their content for training Bard. The authority emphasized that Google’s actions hindered the negotiation process for fair remuneration between the involved parties.

According to the authority, this decision marks the fourth in a series of actions taken against Google in the past four years. The context of these decisions stems from the French law enacted in July 2019, aimed at fostering balanced negotiations between press agencies, publishers, and digital platforms.

In response to the allegations, the French Competition Authority stated, “Google subsequently linked the use by its artificial intelligence service of the content concerned to the display of protected content, by failing to propose a technical solution for press agencies and publishers to opt out of the use of their content by Bard without affecting the display of content protected by related rights on other Google services, thus obstructing the ability of press agencies and publishers to negotiate remuneration.”

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While Google chose not to contest the facts, it has proposed corrective measures to address the identified breaches. However, it remains to be seen how effective these measures will be in rectifying the situation.

The fine against Google reignites discussions surrounding the ethical use of media content for AI training purposes. Just recently, the New York Times filed a lawsuit against Google’s competitor, OpenAI, alleging similar copyright infringement issues. The lawsuit contends that OpenAI used millions of articles from The Times to train its chatbots, posing a threat to the news outlet’s integrity and business.

With legal battles unfolding between tech giants and media organizations, the outcomes will significantly impact the future of AI development and copyright regulations in the digital age.


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