First Watch “Gangs Of Lagos” Review

First Watch “Gangs Of Lagos” Review

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Gangs of Lagos, directed by Jàde Osiberu, is a gritty and compelling film that explores the political gang culture and thuggery in Nigeria. Released on Amazon Prime Video on 07 April 2023, the movie is based on true stories from Isale Eko, Lagos. The movie follows Obalola and his friends Gift and Ify, who grew up in the crazy streets of Lagos.

This is my first watch review of the most anticipated movie this year. I’ve longed for the release of this film, so let’s get straight into the review.

The film explores the themes of friendship, family ties, betrayal, and the backstories of gang culture that many have historically overlooked. The movie depicts the rise to power of those with questionable qualifications, as well as the destruction and violence that often accompanies electoral processes.

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With stunning visuals and a storyline that is both powerful and relevant to today’s Nigeria, Gangs of Lagos is a must-watch. The lead character, Obalola, played by Tobi Bakre, is a complex and morally ambiguous figure who personifies the harsh realities of political godfatherism and thuggery in Nigeria.

He is a full-blown thug and chairman of the Road Workers Union, Kazeem’s henchman, with a penchant for violence and intimidation. While Obalola appears to have a moral compass, he is willing to perpetuate violence on Kazeem’s behalf and turn a blind eye to his murderous ways.

The film does a great job of exploring the mindsets of those who engage in unlawful acts, but viewers may find themselves sympathizing with Obalola, who is the lesser of many evils.

The film also explores the bitter truth of political godfatherism and thuggery, and the consequences of the rise to power by those with extremely questionable qualifications. Overall, Gangs of Lagos is an amazing movie that reflects the realities of the Nigerian political landscape.

I had an absolute blast watching this film! The perfect balance of suspense kept me on the edge of my seat while the tiny moments of emotions got me in my feelings. Overall, I would give it a solid rating of 8 out of 10. If you’re in search of a great movie to watch this weekend, I highly recommend that you check out “Gangs of Lagos.”

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