Father Of Resigned Nnewi Anglican Polygamy Priest Involved In Auto Crash
Father Of Resigned Nnewi Anglican Polygamy Priest Involved In Auto Crash

Father Of Resigned Nnewi Anglican Polygamy Priest In Auto Crash

Prime Business Africa confirms that one of Reverend Ogbuchukwu's brothers will also become an Anglican priest soon.
2 years ago
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Popularly known as Aburo Soki Ogbuchukwu, a Water Tank driver and father of the controversial Nnewi Anglican polygamy priest who resigned to embrace polygamy, has been reported to be  involved in auto accident.

His son, Reverend Barrister Ogbuchukwu Makuo Lotanna, who was ordained priest at the St Mark’s Anglican Diocese of Nnewi in 2019, had quit the Anglican priesthood this week to launch a movement in support of polygamy. He insisted that God instructed him to do likewise.

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Although Prime Business Africa could not immediately confirm the details of the unfortunate accident, the present physical condition of Mr Aburo Soki, who is believed to be in his mid sixties, or the hospital where he is being attended to, a reliable source close to the family in the Mbanagu-Otolo area of Nnewi  said the incident took place shortly after  the Nnewi Anglican polygamy priest declared his intentions.

So far, no real connection has been made  between the accident and the decision by the Nnewi Anglican  polygamy priest to quit the priesthood of the church to embrace polygamy.

Those close to Reverend Makuo’s family  in Otolo Nnewi expressed shock at he clergyman’s decision, saying it would be ‘difficult to console his parents who are well known and committed Christians of the Anglican Faith.

”Very unfortunate, Makuo. I wonder how your parents will feel about this,” said  a 40-year old Nkoli, who said she   knew the young priest as a committed kid during his  growing up years.  ”Chai, this is my relation; we are from the same Mbanagu-Otolo. Makuo’s house is just a stone’s throw away from mine,”  she said. According to Nkoli, both parents are well known committed Anglicans. The father is a driver and dispenses water with his truck in Nnewi.

”Aburo Soki, now in his late sixties (not sure he is 70 yet) and his wife (Makuo’s mother) are deeply rooted in the Anglican Church. In fact, one of Makuo’s siblings is also planning to become a priest. He will soon be ordained an Anglican priest.”

Reverend Makuo Lotanna, the Nnewi Anglican polygamy priest, is also a lawyer and believes that polygamy is not bad even among the clergy.

Prime Business Africa made efforts to reach the diocese on Saturday morning but could not speak with the Archbishop as he was said to be delivering a speech at the Synod taking place in Ozubulu, in Ekwusigo Local Government area of Anambra State




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