Elon Musk’s ex-wife, Riley, Asks Him To Buy, Delete Twitter
Elon Musk and Ex-wife, Talulah Riley. Photo Credit: Town & Country Magazine

Elon Musk’s ex-wife, Riley, Asks Him To Buy, Delete Twitter

2 years ago
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On March 23, 2022, World’s richest person, Elon Musk, had a chat with his ex-wife, Talulah Riley, over the acquisition of Twitter, text messages made public for the court proceedings has disclosed.

It was disclosed that Riley, who is an English actress and writer, was one of the persons that encouraged Musk to buy Twitter before the billionaire tendered an offer to take the social media firm. 

According to text messages exchanged between Riley and Musk, the actress urged the Tesla Chief Executive Officer to acquire Twitter, but she also made a surprising suggestion, which was her asking him to delete it after acquisition. 

“Can you buy Twitter and then delete it, please!? Xx.” Riley asked Musk in the text. Aside this suggestion, she also want the billionaire to end woke-ism on the social media platform. 

She is unhappy with people forming “puritanical” on the social networking site. “Please do something to fight woke-ism.” she stated, “I will do anything to help! xx.” Riley said in the text message, indicating that Freedom of speech has been eroded on Twitter. 

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Days after the chat with Riley, Musk decided to buy 100 per cent of Twitter, and began to question the level of freedom of speech on the social media platform. 

Meanwhile, other text messages made public revealed that the founder of FTX Crypto Exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, also discussed with Musk regarding Twitter acquisition. 

Bankman-Fried offered to support Musk’s Twitter acquisition with $15 billion, so he could co-own the social media company with the world’s richest man, however, the Tesla chief rejected the offer. 

The FTX founder chatted with Musk through his advisor, Will MacAskill. Musk’s ex-girlfriend and Canadian singer-songwriter, Grimes, told Musk that Bankman-Fried is “an ultra genius” in text message in April.


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