Election Tribunal: Kano State Government Confronts Allegations of Bribery, Pledges Anti-Corruption Action”

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The Kano State Government has expressed its concern regarding a bribery alert raised by Justice Flora Ngozi Azinge, the Chairman of the Kano State National and State Houses of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal and pledges Anti-corruption action.


Azinge revealed that an attempt had been made to bribe a tribunal member to influence the verdict in favor of a client. She voiced her distress in open court in Kano before the start of proceedings on Tuesday, highlighting the involvement of senior lawyers in unethical conduct.

In an official statement signed by Malam Baba Halilu Dantiye, the State Commissioner of Information, the Kano State Government acknowledged the allegation brought forward by Justice Flora Ngozi Azinge, the chair of the Kano National and State Houses of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal.

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”The attention of Kano State Government has been drawn to an allegation made by the chairman of Kano National and State Houses of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal Hon. Justice Flora Ngozi Azinge that there was an attempt to bribe a member of the tribunal with money to sway Justice in favor of his client as according to her, “money has been flying in the Tribunal.”

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The allegation pertains to an endeavor to bribe a tribunal member using money to manipulate the outcome of the case. The statement revealed that the government viewed this incident with great concern, particularly due to circulating rumors that powerful individuals, known for their corrupt tendencies, are exerting significant efforts to undermine the legitimate mandate of the people of Kano State.

The State Government perceives this occurrence as a crucial test for the current administration’s commitment to combating corruption and safeguarding democratic principles.

They emphasized the necessity of a thorough investigation into the matter and subsequent prosecution of those responsible. The statement also stressed the importance of prompt action by anti-corruption agencies, particularly given that the allegation was made openly in a court of law by a respected judge.


Furthermore, the government expressed satisfaction with Justice Azinge’s actions, regarding them as a positive testament to the existence of integrity-driven Judges and Justices within the Nigerian judiciary.

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The government extended gratitude to the people of Kano who voted the NNPP into power, garnering over one million votes despite limited financial resources and the absence of federal, state, and local government support.

The government concluded by acknowledging the determination of the people of Kano to safeguard their mandate, pledging to uphold democratic values and principles through all available means.


“The state government also thanks the good people of Kano that voted for the NNPP into power with well over one million votes at a time when it didn’t have federal, state, local government and financial resources.

“The government, therefore, notes and appreciates the readiness of Kano people to defend their mandate through whatever means possible,” Dantiye added.


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