EFCC Seeks CSOs' Stronger Partnership In Fight Against Corruption

EFCC Seeks CSOs’ Stronger Partnership In Fight Against Corruption

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has reiterated its call for increased collaboration with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Nigeria to combat economic and financial crimes effectively.

In an interactive session held at the Benin Zonal Command of the Commission, Mr. Ola Olukoyede, the Executive Chairman of EFCC, emphasized the vital role of CSOs in the fight against corruption.

EFCC Seeks CSOs' Stronger Partnership In Fight Against Corruption

Speaking through Ag. Zonal Director, ACE I Effa Imoh Okim, Mr. Olukoyede highlighted the significance of existing relationships between the EFCC and CSOs. “Let’s work together in tackling the menace of corruption. Our first choice is prevention, and that is where the CSOs come in,” he stressed, urging CSOs to extend their reach and spread awareness, particularly among young people, about the consequences of engaging in criminal activities like internet fraud.


Corruption, Mr. Olukoyede noted, remains a significant obstacle to Nigeria’s development. He called on CSOs to act as whistle-blowers and intelligence gatherers, providing authentic information to aid inEFCC Seeks CSOs' Stronger Partnership In Fight Against Corruptioncombating corruption effectively. “We need you to give us authentic information and to eliminate deceit from our collaboration,” he emphasized.

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In response, Kelly Osunbor, President of the Faculty of Peace, expressed their organization’s commitment to supporting the EFCC in its mandate to foster a better Nigeria. “Nigeria is our country, it’s our home, so we will work with you in your quest to build a better country,” Osunbor affirmed. This sentiment was echoed by Leftist Austine Enabulele, Interim Chair of Edo Civil Society Organizations.


The EFCC’s outreach to CSOs underscores the importance of collective action in the fight against corruption. By leveraging the networks and influence of CSOs, the EFCC aims to strengthen its efforts in preventing and combating economic and financial crimes across Nigeria.

As Dele Oyewale, Head of Media & Publicity for the EFCC, concludes, “Effective collaboration between the EFCC and CSOs is essential in achieving our shared goal of a corruption-free Nigeria.” The Commission remains committed to fostering partnerships with civil society to ensure a more transparent and accountable society for all Nigerians.

In this ongoing battle against corruption, the EFCC emphasizes the power of unity and cooperation in bringing about meaningful change and development in Nigeria.


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