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EFCC Alerts To False, Misleading Operations Video, Says ‘Our Men Not Terrorists’

2 years ago
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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has alerted Nigerians to what it says is a false and misleading  EFCC video circulating on the Internet regarding its purported operations.

It says its men are neither terrorists nor ‘assaulters’.

In a statement signed by its spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, which was made available to Prime Business Africa on Saturday, the economic crimes agency says its attention has been drawn to the ‘false’ online video trending on Instagram,   from the handle of a certain “@Iamhelenaduru”, a self- styled actress,  purporting,  quite mischievously,  an assault  by operatives of the Commission.

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According to the EFCC, its checks  flagged  Helen Aduru,    ”an upcoming actress,  as  a mere publicity- seeking player,  with a poorly- scripted claim that has fallen flat in the face of unassailable  facts available to the Commission.”

The statement on the alleged EFCC video further reads:

”In her script, she was quick to include five names of officers she claimed came from the Cybercrime Section of the Enugu Command of the Commission.  Characteristically,  EFCC’s  officers don’t wear name tags nor move around with bulldozer- shaped equipment to pull down security doors.

Aduru  claimed,  rather strangely,  that she was assisted by a little boy, to a Police Station at 3:44 am but met the station shut.    It is important to note that Police Stations are not civil service ministries that “close” in the evening. Even more preposterous is the fact that she never went back,  at daybreak,  to lodge a complaint.

”More poignantly untenable is the fact that her purported assault of July 21,  2022, which has not been logged nearly two months later at the Police Station is only being brought to public glare on  September 2,  2022!! Such a scene could  only stand on a  typical Nollywood fiction series.

”Such claims by Aduru,  like all other stranger- than- fiction, click-baiting, sympathy-seeking ploys,  do not merit a response but for the need to avoid “silence is acquiescence” stance of mischief makers.  Deeper  checks on the matter only showed that,  certain blackmailers could be bandying some known names in the Enugu Zonal Command to settle some scores.

”The Commission,  strictly guided by its  Standard Operational Procedure,  would not succumb to blackmail or any sleight of hand by  any character. The poorly- scripted video would be further analysed for more forensic details and possible legal action to dissuade those who seem to be making an industry of falsely accusing and maligning the Commission. Members of the public are enjoined to ignore Aduru’s claims.  EFCC’s officers are not assaulters or terrorists. ”



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