EEDC Urges Anambra Residents To Maintain Safe Distance From Power Lines

EEDC Urges Anambra Residents To Maintain Safe Distance From Power Lines

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Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has issued a vital safety warning to customers and residents in Anambra State, urging them to stay away from power lines and other electricity rights of way.

This appeal comes as a result of concerns over the increasing incidents of vandalism and abuse of power infrastructure.

During an engagement session held in Awka, Mr Emeka Ezeh, the Head of Corporate Communications at EEDC, emphasized the need for the government to take action and ensure that no activities occur within a 5.5-meter radius on either side of the 33 and 11 KV lines.

Mr. Ezeh also highlighted energy theft and vandalism as significant operational challenges faced by EEDC. He called upon customers to actively participate in addressing these issues, in order to facilitate improved service delivery.

The engagement session served as an opportunity for EEDC to interact with its customers, gather feedback, and identify the challenges faced by the community.

EEDC is working to close the metering gap by installing approximately 50,000 meters in the region. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the ongoing process, which allows them to acquire meters and pay for them over time.

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Mr. Ezeh explained that the delay in meter supply is attributed to various factors, such as availability, technology, inadequate installation areas, and the non-separation of load wire.

This customer engagement initiative forms a crucial part of EEDC’s strategy to foster better relationships with its customers, keep them informed about network developments, and seek their assistance where needed.

The company has estimated a requirement of 50,000 meters to bridge the existing gap and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the state government, valued at approximately N37 billion, to enhance its services.

The issue of energy theft was also addressed during the session, with Mr. Ezeh highlighting that approximately 40% of revenue is lost monthly due to theft and unpaid debts. Chief Anizonwu, a customer and Chartered Accountant, expressed concerns about the delay in the metering process but commended EEDC for delivering a comparatively better service.

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He urged customers to pay for the services they enjoy, as failure to do so amounts to economic sabotage and hampers the provision of improved services.

Mr. Osita Obi, the convener of the civil rights group Recover Nigeria Project, acknowledged a significant improvement in power supply by EEDC.

This positive feedback reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance its services and address the concerns of its customers. With a collaborative approach between EEDC, the government, and the community, it is hoped that these challenges can be effectively tackled, leading to safer and more reliable electricity distribution in Anambra State.

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