Easter: ‘Religious Leaders Should Set Moral Compass For Nation Building’

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As Christians all over the world prepare to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a clergy and theologian, Venerable Dr. Adeyemi Agbelusi has said it is the duty of religious leaders to point the direction for moral rectitude of people in the quest for nation building.

Venerable Adelusi made the call while reflecting on the lessons to be drawn from Good Friday event.

Good Friday which is today, is a day set a side to reflect on the suffering and death of Christ on the Cross which according to Christian belief, brought salvation to mankind.

Adelusi said that at a time when the society is being tossed and turned by the turbulence of insecurity, hunger, poverty and other afflictions which could make people question the rationality of their faith, religious leaders need to stand upright, demonstrate practical examples and be consistent in their message of hope in God’s intervention and the need for the people to remain steadfast in waiting for God’s promise.

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The clergy further stated that the religious leaders should help also help in setting agenda on the criteria for choosing the right leadership that would lead Nigeria out of the woods. Such criteria he noted, should be based on strength of character not on ethnicity, religious affiliation.

He added that they should equally encourage the Citizens to get their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and participate in voting during elections to choose the leaders they want.

Reflecting on the Christian teachings about love, unity, forgiveness and repentance, in relations to what is happening in the world today, Venerable Adelusi said in as much as religion preaches and inspires people to do good, when it comes to making choices people deviate.

He said such deviation from Christian precepts is responsible for the evil that is thriving in the world today and admonished people to repent and embrace love of God for the common societal good.

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He said people need to have personal conviction about their faith in order to get deep in their spirituality, be able to embrace peace, and shun evil despite earthly tribulations.

“This is a period to reflect again about the trials and death of Christ. There was a travesty of justice; humanity did their worst. On the Cross you find Christ preaching forgiveness, assuring people of salvation and at the end of it we have a period of waiting when he is in the grave. Suddenly on Easter Sunday, the essence of the Christian faith came to realization. So, the worst of humanity on Good Friday had given birth to the best of God; that we should reflect on this season,” Venerable Adelusi admonished.

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