Forex Transactions Decline By $89.61 Million As Dollar Rate Surges

Dollar Dominance Sparks Forex Frenzy, Fed’s Move Key

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In a world where currency markets are seldom the lead story, the U.S. dollar has taken center stage as a surge in economic growth triggers a remarkable rally, propelling it towards a six-month pinnacle.

Forex traders worldwide are caught in the whirlwind, but the dollar’s ascent may face turbulence as investors brace for a pivotal Federal Reserve meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

As of early European trading on Tuesday, the U.S. dollar is advancing vigorously, inching closer to a six-month zenith. With bated breath, traders are monitoring central banks’ interest rate decisions this week, with the Federal Reserve’s announcement looming largest on the horizon.

The Dollar Index, a barometer measuring the dollar’s strength against six major global currencies, currently hovers around 104.937, a mere stone’s throw from its half-year zenith of 105.43 attained last week.

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Yet, the real turning point may come tomorrow when Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell addresses the nation in the monetary policy meeting.

Market sentiment currently leans toward the belief that the Federal Reserve has completed its interest rate hike cycle. However, due to the robust performance of the U.S. economy, any easing of monetary policy has been deferred to late 2023 or early 2024.

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In stark contrast, the Nigerian naira is locked in a downward spiral, hitting new lows in the parallel market. On Monday, it tumbled to ₦963 naira per dollar, underscoring its ongoing depreciation against major currencies.

Despite reforms enacted by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in June, such as consolidating multiple official exchange rates and adopting a “willing buyer, willing seller” model, the currency’s devaluation endures. Experts contend that these measures have not sufficiently bolstered the dollar supply to meet Nigeria’s surging demand.

In the Import & Export (I&E) window, the naira sank even further to N773.98 per dollar, widening the gap between official and parallel market rates to 190 naira per dollar.

A surging dollar creates challenges for risk-sensitive assets, tightens credit conditions in emerging markets like Nigeria, and eats into profits for exporters and U.S.-based multinationals.

Despite the appointment of Yemi Cardoso as Nigeria’s next central bank governor, the naira remains unstable. In the peer-to-peer market, often influenced by cryptocurrency transactions, the naira plunged to N970/$1 in the early hours of Tuesday.

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The dollar’s relentless climb is powered by its inherent strength and recent data illustrating the resilience of the American economy. Consumer inflation surged by 0.6% compared to the previous month, the most significant increase since June 2022, driven mainly by skyrocketing gasoline prices.

While the Federal Reserve is expected to maintain its current interest rates in Wednesday’s announcement, it is likely to adopt a hawkish tone, hinting at the possibility of at least one more rate hike later this year.

Amid lingering inflation concerns and signs of economic revival, the Federal Reserve will probably continue to signal the possibility of a final rate hike, even if market participants remain skeptical about its actual implementation. In this high-stakes global financial drama, all eyes remain glued to the Federal Reserve’s impending move.



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