Enugu Women, Hair Stylists Cry Out Over Soaring Prices Of Hair Extensions

Demand For Hair Extensions Dips As Prices Rise In Enugu

Hair stylists Lament Poor Patronage
4 weeks ago
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The high cost of hair extensions has led to significant drop in demand by customers who now seek alternative cheaper brands.

The cost of things in Nigeria has affected many businesses with many closing down and others struggling to stay afloat.

Hair-dressing business is not left out. While hairstylists lament about low patronage, women cry about the high cost of fixing their hair due to the hike in prices of different brands of hair extensions.

In a series of interviews with Prime Business Africa in Enugu, a number of women and hair stylists voiced their worries over the escalating prices of hair attachments which are an important element of women’s fashion.

Mrs Chigozie Odo, a hair stylist, said that business has not been good with the continuous hike in prices of hair extension products.

Mrs Odo stated that due to the high prices of hair extensions, many women have resorted to cheaper alternatives that can be reused to maintain their good look outdoors

She said: “Ever since this hike in attachment price, my customers have reduced because it’s not everybody that can keep up in this economy. The ones that still come, will either weave their hair so that they can be wearing their wig instead while those ones that can afford the attachment at least, will buy from vendors for it to be cheaper. The last time I bought from vendors it was ₦4,800 and I sold it for ₦5,000 just ₦200 gain. So ever since then I have stopped because there’s no profit at all and my customers won’t buy if I had added more money. Didn’t you see how scanty my salon is?” the stylist asked the reporter.

She added:” Although, very few women have actually resolved to making use of wool, kinky and other cheaper braids to make hair now. This is for the ones that really do not want to go home without braiding hair but because of attachment price, they have resorted to cheaper products. These products they now resort to can be reused as much as possible provided it is well taken care of and of course cheaper than attachments because the price of one attachment that will not be enough for one’s hair can get a whole pack of wool.”

Another hairstylist, Faith, said she can’t remember the last time she made a hair with attachment. She recalled her experience with a customer whose attachment finished before her hair was done.

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“I remember rushing to another salon close to mine to get attachment to complete my customer’s hair, but when I got there, the shop was empty as mine too. My neighbor also said that she has stopped buying attachments for sale because after putting her own gain, the few customers that can afford it, will complain that it is expensive.”

She added:” You know attachment is what makes this business worth it because now that most people have resolved to be wearing wigs, it is attachment that is still giving us hope. But with how expensive it has become, I don’t know what will become of us.”

A university student, Favour, who was on a low cut when this reporter met her, said she cut her hair recently because she couldn’t keep up with the price of braiding hair. She added that school and its demands are enough expenditure already and wouldn’t want to add more to it.

Another student, Chioma, said: “I love braiding my hair with attachment but ever since this hike, I have resolved to be using just one pack to make short hairs instead, and of course, that’s once in a while when I get tired of wearing my wig.”

Mr Onovo, an attachment vendor in Ogige market, Nsukka, said he has slowed down in ordering goods because the number of people that come for attachment has really dropped. “No more frequent orders as before which is very bad for business,” Mr Onovo stated.

“Now, I wouldn’t say I make profits as before because the prices of things change as the clock is ticking,” he added.


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