Davido Releases New Visual For Logos Olori's 'Jaye Lo' Following Controversy

Davido Releases New Visual For Logos Olori’s ‘Jaye Lo’ Following Controversy

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Afrobeat sensation, Davido, has unveiled an updated rendition of his protégé Logos Olori’s single titled ‘Jaye Lo,’ accompanied by a new visual.

This release comes in response to the significant criticism the initial version received due to its controversial religious imagery.

Just weeks ago, Davido chose to remove the original music video from his official social media platforms after it ignited a wave of backlash stemming from a particular scene in the video.

The clip featured men adorned in white Jalabiya garments joyfully dancing in front of a building reminiscent of a mosque. These same individuals were depicted transitioning from a prayerful stance to dancing to the infectious rhythm of the track.

The initial visual sparked intense scrutiny, particularly within the Muslim community, with a particular focus on the scenes that were perceived as offensive and disrespectful.

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A chorus of voices, notably including members from the northern regions of Nigeria, voiced their concerns over the religious imagery portrayed in the video.

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Notably, the artist did not shy away from addressing the controversy head-on. In a recent statement, Davido conveyed his intent to rectify the situation.

The latest version of the music video for ‘Jaye Lo’ was launched, and a careful examination reveals the contentious scene has been carefully excised from the production.

Davido’s Instagram post introducing the new video reads: “The official visuals to @logosolori Jaye Lo single Out Now. 30BG let’s run it up. This video too swag abeg. Olori Gbemidebe 2.0 ACTIVATED.”

The modification in the video aims to align with the artist’s intentions to create music that is both entertaining and respectful of all audiences. The incident underscores the delicate balance artists navigate between artistic expression and cultural sensitivity, especially in a globalized music landscape where influences and inspirations often span diverse backgrounds.

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As the new video garners attention, it remains to be seen how audiences will react to this amended version. It is a testament to the power of constructive dialogue and the potential for artists to learn and adapt in response to feedback from their fan base and the communities their work reaches.

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