Crazy Jobs That Pay Big Time!!

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EVER heard of the saying, “There is dignity in labour”? Well, there are certain jobs that you would not think of doing ordinarily, at least not when there are alternatives, but they pay really big.

With Nigeria’s unemployment rate at 33.3%, you will quickly agree with me and probably allude to the fact, that the current economic situation calls for extra survival tactics.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, more than 60% of Nigeria’s working-age population is younger than 34. Unemployment for people aged 15 to 24 stands at 53.4%, and at 37.2% for people aged 25 to 34. The jobless rate for women alone is currently at 35.2% compared with 31.8% for men.

The recovery of the economy, with over 240 million people, will be slow with growth seen at 1.5% this year, after last year’s 1.9% contraction, according to the International Monetary Fund, IMF.

With these appalling, yet real, statistics we are in times economic pundits call ‘survival of the fittest.

In this article, I will be directing your attention to some crazily odd or what many call ‘dirty jobs which are indeed paying very handsomely, yet greatly overlooked in Nigeria.

Number #1. The Embalmers

This is about the weirdest or craziest job ever, and it pays between N500k – N700k a month. Pay largely depends on years of experience and skills. In the USA, the pay ranges from $38,000 – $68,000 per annum.
Embalmers typically wash and embalm dead bodies. First, they have to drain out all the blood from the bodies and replace it with some anti-decomposing or embalming fluid to keep the dead body from decaying.

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They also may be required to repair or reconstruct some damaged body parts to keep them recognizable. For this job, you don’t necessarily need to have high degree or academic qualifications but, training by institutes regulated for such. For instance, there is the British Institute for Embalmers and Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service, and there are some local trainers in Nigeria too.

Number #2. Funeral Director / Undertaker

A person whose business is preparing dead bodies for burial or cremation and making arrangements for funerals is called a Funeral Director or an Undertaker. It pays between $40,000 – $60,000 annually in America. In Nigeria, it is priced between N300k – N500k a month.
His tasks include making arrangements for collecting the dead and conducting funerals, cremations and burials. He conducts interviews to arrange for preparation of obituary notices, to assist with the selection of caskets or urns, and to determine the location and time of burials or cremations.

Number #3. Sewer and Drainage Flusher

As a drain cleaner, you clear clogs from various types of drains and pipes such as floor drains, manholes, sewers, sinks, tubs, toilets, and urinals. On an average, monthly pay is between N350k – N500k. Dirty, you say?
Removes roots, debris, and other refuse from clogged sewer lines and drains, using portable electric sewer cleaning machine, and repairs breaks in underground piping: positions or disassembles sewer trap machine at sewer or drain outlet. May clean sewage collection points and sanitary lines in streets and sewage plants.

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Number #4. Mobile Toilet Mover

I am sure you have heard this, “Shit business, is serious business.” This is one job that is far from being fun or glamorous but, always in demand. It pays hourly at $23, 9.84pounds, and N7k – 10k per hour in Nigeria. Surprised?

It involves delivering and collecting portable toilets from festivals, construction sites, functions and private events, as well as cleaning and servicing the toilets. You make sure that the toilet and its housing are in great, hygienic conditions all through the events, with regular cleaning and sanitary supplies.

Number #5. Sperm or Egg Donor

The first pregnancy resulting from egg donation was reported in 1984. Using donor eggs and donor sperm in the same treatment cycle is more common than you might think. Egg or sperm donation allows one of the intended parents to keep the genetic link to the child. With egg donation, the intended parent is able to experience a biological connection to the child through the pregnancy.

Shockingly, sperm and egg donors are paid between N2.5m – N3m to do a single cycle, and N4.8m – N5.1m to complete two cycles, right here in Nigeria.

Number #5. Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an arrangement, often supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman agrees to bear a child for another person or persons, who will become the child’s parent after birth.

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At California Surrogacy Center, the average surrogate mother compensation is somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000. This is for first-time surrogate mothers, as repeat surrogate mothers typically get paid between $53,000 and $83,000 (including benefits).

Here in Nigeria, it is priced between N1.4m – N2m. It could be more or less depending on your negotiation skills.
It is time to take a look at these if you’re in the middle of your job search, as these odd jobs might be a great place to start.

Hear this, and reassuringly too, there’s no such thing as a bad job or even an “odd” one. Whatever legal way you make your money and support yourself is a valid occupation. Yes, these are just some jobs that aren’t top of your list when you’re setting out for a job search but, they could keep you going and paying your bills until you land the ‘real job.

One last thing, these ‘crazy’ jobs do not really mind your situation, work experience, education, or training, to attempt them. Not only are they positions without tons of competition, but they also pay generously.

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