COVID-19 Still Public Health Threat, NCDC DG Warns

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As attention to COVID-19 pandemic gradually ebbs globally, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has stated that it still poses public health threat and warned that the established protocols for preventing the spread should not be ignored.

COVID-19 Still Public Health Threat, NCDC DG Warns
Director General, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) DG, Ifedayo Adetifa

The NCDC director general, Dr. Ifedayo Adetifa who appeared as guest on Channels Television SunriseDaily show on Monday morning said everything about COVID seems to be getting better in terms of number of cases and deaths, but the virus is still operating in the background and is a source of worry as new variants could come and compromise people’s immune system and begin to cause new round of health emergencies just like OMICRON did some months ago.

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He said “Unlikely as it seems, we are still worried about COVID. Yes, everything appears to be fine with COVID now in terms of case numbers and deaths but the thing is this virus is operating in the background and we continue to be worried about the emergence of a virus that suddenly can escape our protective immune response system like OMICRON did and caused us a new round of problem.

“This is why we need to continue keeping an eye on things that could lead to spread and also continue to advocate vaccination even when people are working hard to return to their normal life.”

Dr. Adetifa made declaration when he was pointing out diseases currently in circulation that are of public health concerns in the Nigeria.

According to data found in NCDC website, Nigeria recorded 23 new cases between 12th and 13th May 2022. The 23 new cases were reported from six States- Bauchi (six), Kano (five), Lagos (five), Kaduna (four), Plateau (two) and FCT (one). There is a total of 2,773 active cases and 3,143 deaths.

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Adetifa said people should not joke with vaccination and personal hygiene.

In April, Nigerian government’s Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 reviewed the country’s response to the pandemic which include mandatory use of facemasks especially during indoor gathering or meeting of many.

The NCDC DG said other diseases that pose public health challenges currently include Lassa Fever, Cholera and Monkey Pox.

He said Lassa Fever season opened in November and since then there have been cases reported. He said there are more reported cases in 2022 than in the past year, but not as many deaths this time like before.

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He advised that people should take preventive measures serious to avoid contamination and spread.

For Cholera, Afetifa said the season is coming up soon with the unset of rain and urged people to be conscious of personal hygiene especially when dealing with water sources which are usually the major source of contacting the disease.

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