Clean cooking gas
Clean cooking gas

Cooking Gas Price In Nigeria Rose By 38.63%, New NBS Report Reveals

1 year ago
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The price of 12.5kg cooking gas jumped by 38.63 per cent year-on-year, rising to N10,277.17 in January 2023, from N7,413.25 recorded the same month last year.

On a month-on-month basis, the retail price rose by 0.28 per cent, hitting N10,277.17 in January 2023, against the N10,248.97 recorded in December 2022.

The highest average retail price of 12.5kg cooking gas was N11,260.67 in Benue, with Cross River and Ebonyi buying the product at N10,833.33 and N10,763.57 respectively. 

On the other hand, the report showed that the lowest average price for 12.5kg of cooking gas was recorded in Yobe at N9,550.00, followed by Taraba and Gombe at N9,845.00 and N9,850.00. 

However, residents of Yobe, Taraba, and Gombe bought the 12.5kg cooking gas at the lowest prices of N9,550.00, N9,845.00 and N9,850.00 respectively. 

This was revealed by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in the “Cooking Gas Price Watch” report for January 2023, released on Friday, the News Agency of Nigeria reported. 

In the 5kg category, it was revealed that the cooking gas price was up by 0.15 per cent on a month-on-month basis, to sell at N4,588.75 in January 2023, in contrast to the N4,565.56 recorded in December 2022. 

However, the price of 5kg cooking gas rose by 25.46 per cent year-on-year from N3,657.57 of January 2022 to N4,588.75 in January 2023. 

A breakdown of the report showed that the price of 5kg cooking gas was highest in Kwara, Plateau and Adamawa states, where the product was sold to residents at N4,962.50, N4,945.50, and N4,936.67 respectively. 

The states where the 5kg cooking gas was lowest for the months in review are Enugu, sold for N4,119.23, Anambra; N4,183.14 and Rivers; N4,210.00. 

According to the Bureau, the region with the highest average retail price for 5kg cooking gas is North-Central, where it was sold for N4,859.60. 

The North-West was next on the list, as the product cost N4,616.66 in the region, while the South-East recorded the lowest average retail price at N4,408.99.


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